Contest Winners

Contest Winners



An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Note: apples from your local farmers market -- like the one in Fort Greene on Saturdays -- have extra fiber and count as two days. :)

- Elizabeth Hernandez, MS, Fort Greene




Make Sunset Park your gym! Take a daily jog up the steps to the top of this hidden treasure where you will be rewarded by a breathtaking skyline view! Once there, you have the affordable option of joining the NYC Parks Recreation Center, where you can access the pool and fitness center!

- Paul Ewing, Sunset Park


Walk your neighborhood! - Brooklyn has so many diverse neighborhoods. The only way to see them is to walk and explore. You'll be supporting small businesses by shopping and eating in the local establishments while getting healthy at the same time.

Neil Botwin, Carroll Gardens


Practice calming Yoga by the seashore at Coney Island!

Shannon Meminger, East New York



Honorable Mentions

Exercising by walking, jogging, biking or even renting a kayak in beautiful Marine Park, Brooklyn. Also ice skating in Prospect Park is a great exercise and stress reliever.

- Adam, Flatlands


Eating healthy can be fun. Try different snack ideas and exercise. It can be fun exercising with a partner at Fort Greene park or taking a beautiful walk at DUMBO. Put your mind to it and believe it will happen.

- Erika, Fort Greene


If you live and work in Brooklyn, try walking to work. Leave home earlier than you normally do. You'll be burning calories AND saving bucks! WALK TO A BETTER LIFE!

Devonte, Bedford-Stuyvesant


Make Brooklyn's numerous stairs your elliptical! e.g. Jog the many steps at Atlantic Terminal, take advantage of the fact that you live in a fourth floor walkup brownstone, or get off the elevator a few flights short of your actual floor! Add some squats on each landing for added benefit!

Niyati, Greenwood


Ride a Citibike to the subway, go up the steps two at a time, hustle down the hill in DUMBO to keep your heart rate up, get up from desk every 20 minutes.... repeat grind daily!

Harlan, Brooklyn Navy Yard


BIKE! Bike to work, bike to Nets games, bike to Coney Island. It is wonderful exercise and has changed my life and health! Plus you don't have to pay MTA to go your way!

Sasha, Crown Heights


Clearly, Brooklyn was made for walking with so many vibrant neighborhoods for strolling. Try the Heights and Bay Ridge promenade for more serious walking (and jogging). Not to mention all of the public tracks located throughout the borough. So, as we used to say, "go take a walk". You just might find something!

Don, Sunset Park


Take time out to visit the Beautiful scenery of Prospect Park. The serene atmosphere will not only help you relieve stress but -- when you take a 30 minute walk to explore -- you give your body a quick workout without even realizing it.

Sandy, Canarsie


I avoid stress by going to Central Library and catching up on some reading. There are so many great books to choose from.

Daysi, East New York


Get all your vitamins and nutrients from fresh fruit and veggies at any one of Brooklyn's great farmers markets!!!

Marguerite, Gravesend


Take your dog, best friend, or partner and walk from 69th Street and Shore Road Pier to the Verrazano Bridge and back - you'll be done before you know it!

Louis, Bay Ridge


A good way to keep fit and stay stress free while doing it is taking a long walk on the Coney Island boardwalk. Fresh air, relaxing ocean waves, beautiful scenery. It's great for your cardiovascular system and a good way to soak up some vitamin D from the sun.

John, Kings Plaza

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