How we'll get there.

How we'll get there.


The Brooklyn Hospital Center will target its growth and investment toward select destination clinical programs that meet identified community needs, and will provide primary care and preventative programs to patients seeking outstanding health services.

By fostering strong relations with and between employed and voluntary physicians on our staff, physicians in the community, and community-based health care organizations, we will achieve this goal. We also will aggressively market and promote our physicians who are involved with destination programs, and seek to partner with community-based health care providers to be market responsive to residents’ needs..



The Brooklyn Hospital Center will measure the level of success of this initiative through community-based partnerships, greater volume in destination programs, targeted services to meet community needs, improved payer mix, higher clinical margins and expansion of our service area reach.

We will monitor our progress toward this goal by measuring improved physician satisfaction, growth in elective cases, more new patient visits, external recognition of our physicians, and higher patient referrals.


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