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    2016 Annual Report: Keeping Brooklyn Healthy

    Why A Community Hospital?

    I was born in this hospital. Its mission and focus on serving the community is exactly in tune with my personal life and my professional work. For the past 170 years, no other Brooklyn institution has been as long serving or as dedicated to meeting this borough's healthcare needs as The Brooklyn Hospital Center."

    - Hakeem Jeffries
    United States Congressman,
    Eighth District of New York

    Congressman Jeffries says, in a nutshell, what TBHC is all about. The peace of mind of having a hospital near where we live and/or work, one so dedicated to its patients and community, is without equal. In her testimonial or this Annual Report, a patient says how much safer and more secure her family feels because of the proximity and expertise of TBHC. This fulfills our mission today, just as it did 170 years ago.

    TBHC fulfills the vital role that all community hospitals have in the fabric of neighborhoods, especially such a rapidly changing and diverse one as Brooklyn. A community hospital needs first and foremost to remain firmly planted in its roots — the neighborhoods it serves — to be successful in providing the care residents need to stay healthy and productive in their lives.

    A hospital like ours is dedicated to patient-centered care. We are proud of our talented and skilled physicians, nurses and staff, who treat patients with all kinds of health issues every day. We are committed to improving the lives of patients, building loyalty and reinforcing the fact that TBHC is the first place to go to seek any kind of medical help from minor injuries to complicated surgeries.

    Patients who have experienced this benefit of a great hospital in their “backyard,” as one of them puts it, tell their stories in testimonials throughout this Annual Report. In times of great stress for each of them — a crime victim (see page 9), a woman in labor during an historic blizzard (see page 27), a case of chronic debilitating pain (see page 13) — they were within reach of expert help nearby. These are only a few of the countless reports of amazing outcomes from patient experiences at TBHC. Access to outstanding medical care is a major advantage for a community hospital.

    As an affiliate of Mount Sinai Hospital, TBHC benefits from the clinical depth of a renowned academic medical provider and our community benefits from such access to care. Access to world-class care, delivered locally in Brooklyn, is a huge advantage for residents.

    Healthcare is evolving at a rapid rate. Community hospitals must meet the challenge to deliver superior care. TBHC is putting its heart and expertise into growing and maintaining its role as the healthcare hub for Downtown and North-Central Brooklyn. We have brought outstanding medical professionals to our staff.

    We have established the community partnerships that are vital to our success. We are making the hospital and its programs accessible to the public, and providing opportunities for active feedback to identify ways to improve our services, especially the ones that have a direct impact on our patient population.

    There should be a strong and deep connection between a hospital and its community. TBHC represents the best in medical excellence. We are Brooklyn’s first hospital — historically — and today we strive to be the first place for our community’s residents to seek medical care. We have changed as
    our Brooklyn neighborhoods have changed but we remain a constant presence where quality and compassionate healthcare is “right around the corner.”