Cancer -- What Every Brooklynite Needs to Know

Cancer -- What Every Brooklynite Needs to Know

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The Brooklyn Hospital Center
Cancer Specialists:


Radiation Oncology
P: 718.250.8248
Joshua Halpern, MD
Division Chief

David Sherr, MD


Pediatric Hematology/Oncology
Swayamprabha Sadanandan, MD
Aziza Sedrak-Ghaly, MD


Colon & Rectal Surgery
P: 718.250.6088
Armand Asarian, MD
Division Chief


The Brooklyn Hospital Center
Brooklyn, NY 11201




Family Medicine Center
121 DeKalb Avenue
Brooklyn, NY  11201
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Manhattan Avenue Health Center
960 Manhattan Avenue,
Brooklyn, NY 11222
P. 718.349.8500

61st Street Family Health Center/WIC Center
771 61st Street,
Brooklyn, NY 11220
Family Health Center:
P. 718.851.2323
WIC Center:
P. 718.745.3259

La Providencia Family Medicine Center
1280 DeKalb Avenue,
Brooklyn, NY 11221
P. 718.455.9000

Williamsburg Family Health Center
99 Division Avenue,
Brooklyn, NY 11211
P. 718.599.6200



Wellness for Life Club

In Northwest Brooklyn, Cancer death rates are more than 15% higher than in NYC overall. We need to act now, use prevention, early detection and effective treatments, to keep Brooklyn healthy.

Reduce the Risk of Cancers with Prevention Steps:
- Eat a healthy diet
- Exercise regularly
- Limit alcohol
- Maintain a healthy weight
- Minimize your exposure to radiation and toxic chemicals
- Don't smoke or chew tobacco
- Reduce sun exposure, especially if you burn easily

Early Detection Can Make a Difference:
Make sure to get necessary Cancer screenings and be aware of your family history. A mammography, breast exam, and colonoscopy, may help catch these cancers at an early stages when they are most treatable.

Top 3 cancers in U.S. men are: Prostate, Lung, Colon
Top 3 cancers in U.S. women are: Breast, Colon, Lung

Sign up for one of these Free Cancer Screenings offered at The Brooklyn Hospital Center

Act Early and Be Aware of Symptoms:

Symptoms depend on the type and location of the cancer, but being aware of your body and seeking medical care when you start to notice unusual symptoms can help. For example, lung cancer can cause coughing, shortness of breath, or chest pain. Most cancers will be accompanied by symptoms such as fatigue, fever, loss of appetite, weight loss.

Diagnostic Tests:

If cancer may be a consideration your physicians will: biopsy the tumor or bone marrow, order blood tests, he/she may consider ordering a chest x-ray, CT, MRI scan or Liver function test depending on form of cancer.


Treatment varies based on the type of cancer and the stage. If the cancer is confined to one location and has not spread, the most common treatment approach is surgery. If the tumor has spread, the options for treatment include radiation, chemotherapy, or both. Some cancers require a combination of surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy.

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