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Community Affairs

The Brooklyn Hospital Center Community Outreach Health FairThe Brooklyn Hospital Center's Community Outreach program is based on our dedication to provide our community access to excellent care and our commitment to becoming the health care institution of choice for residents of Brooklyn and beyond.

Through community outreach, TBHC seeks to establish meaningful partnerships with the faith community, educational institutions, legislative and appointed officials, the business and nonprofit sectors, community-based organizations (CBOs), and other groups to promote wellness and a healthier lifestyle for all community residents. Some of our Community Outreach initiatives include:

Community Events

TBHC connects with the community by participating in events of mutual interest to the hospital and its patient population.  By attending relevant meetings, holding memberships on key committees and in CBOs, supporting organizations and worthy causes through sponsorships, and participating in the borough’s major events, TBHC reinforces its commitment to being a vibrant and viable member of the community. The hospital maintains a direct link to the community though its Community Outreach program. 

View Community Outreach Events here

Health Fairs

TBHC participates in scores of local health fairs each year.  Upon request from churches, schools, service agencies, businesses, and other CBOs the hospital provides free clinical screenings, distributes health literature, offers health education, conducts workshops, and makes referrals to its services and programs.  

If you would like TBHC to participate in your health fair, download the Health Fair Request Form here

Speakers Bureau

TBHC has created an experts’ list from its physicians, nurses, nutritionists, therapists, pharmacists and other health care personnel. These experts and other qualified personnel promote the hospital’s mission and speak to organizations in New York City and Long Island, throughout the borough, and in our local neighborhoods on a range of health topics. 

For more information, please click here.

Community Advisory Board

One of the ways that The Brooklyn Hospital Center keeps connected to the community is through its Community Advisory Board (CAB).  The CAB is a diverse group of individuals with strong ties to the community we serve.  Each advisor has a keen understanding of how our hospital works.   This knowledge enables us to tailor our programs and services so that TBHC meets the precise health care needs of the families in our neighborhoods.  

Purpose of the CAB

  • Assist in assessing and indentifying  the health needs of the community 

  • Offer guidance in identifying local strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and potential threats to THBC

  • Cultivate and maintain relationships with community leaders, community based organizations (CBOs), and civic groups to strengthen the hospital’s link to the community

  • Assist hospital administration in its community outreach efforts Organize community forums of mutual interest to TBHC and the community 

  • Monitor TBHC’s patient satisfaction process to ensure that issues are addressed and resolved appropriately

  • Communicate how our community views TBHC  


The Community Advisory Board of TBHC is committed to remaining informed about the hospital’s mission, programs, activities, accomplishments, and strategic plan.  


  • Ms. Deborah Benson, Secretary
  • Dr. Kim Best, Vice Chair
  • Ms. Renee Collymore
  • Mr. Samuel Dunston
  • Ms. Fulvia Jones
  • Ms. Ellen Heaphy-Rios
  • Rev. Earl Jones
  • Ms. Pearl Jones 
  • Mr. Habib Joudeh
  • Mr. Terrance Knox
  • Dr. Natalie Langston-Davis
  • Mr. Wellington Sharpe, Chair
  • Mr. Lenue Singletary, III
  • Mr. Wellington Sharpe


The Community Advisory Board of TBHC meets the third Tuesday of each month, except in July, August and December.


The Community Advisory Board of TBHC
c/o Community Outreach Office
The Brooklyn Hospital Center
121 DeKalb Avenue
Brooklyn, NY  11201

Community Service Plan

TBHC prepares a Community Service Plan (CSP) in accordance with New York State Public Health Law section 2803-1.  The 2008 CSP reports on TBHC’s accomplishments and challenges in meeting the health care needs of the community, its pledge to provide care to all who need it, and its ongoing commitment to improve access to health care for the uninsured and underserved. Click here to view the executive summary

Karen Jemmott
Director, Community Affairs
(718) 250-8344

Sakibeh Mustafa
Community Outreach Coordinator/Community Liaison
(718) 250-8391

Community Outreach Forms: