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Community Affairs

TBHC's Community Affairs Department is dedicated to providing Brooklyn resident's access to excellent care and to becoming the healthcare institution of choice.

For 2017, TBHC continues its Good Neighbors campaign. TBHC believes in “taking care of our own,” and working locally with Downtown Brooklyn's community leaders to improve the healthcare status of all residents. Our goal is to create community-based, community-focused and community- driven programs that will be sustainable and impactful and will serve to improve the health of our families through promotion and education of healthy lifestyles.

Each program is championed by our TBHC staff in an effort to promote good health. Staff and volunteers represent the hospital in many health events throughout Brooklyn. The Good Neighbors include faith-based organizations, educational institutions, legislative and appointed officials, the business and nonprofit sectors, community-based organizations (CBOs), and other groups.

To find out more about this campaign, please contact Gilda Caputo-Hansen, Director of Community Affairs at 718.250.8344 or email at

Community Affairs News

The Brooklyn Hospital Center sponsors Annual Employee BBQ

It was 7:30 am on Wednesday, July 13, 2016 and there was a buzz in the neighborhood around The Brooklyn Hospital Center. The parking lot adjacent to the hospital and Ashland was morphing into a beautiful picnic venue. Click here to read more.

Community, Corporate and Legislative Breakfast with Congressman Hakeem Jeffries

On Monday morning, July 11, 2016, key Brooklyn thought leaders came together at Brooklyn Law School to hear from the host, TBHC’s President and CEO Gary Terrinoni, and Congressman of the 8th District Hakeem Jeffries about healthcare in Brooklyn and the future plans of TBHC. Mr. Terrinoni was presented with a proclamation from Eric Adams, Brooklyn Borough President’s office, Jeff Lowell, Policy Analyst, designating Monday, July 11, 2016 as “Good Neighbor” day. Click here to read more.

Community Service Day, Health Fairs, Speakers Bureau and More...

On June 30, 2016 TBHC held its fourth Community Service Day. TBHC staff collaborated with the Fort Greene Park Conservancy and local artist Mackenzie Younger to create a mural depicting the Civil War in the park. The mural is now hung on the fence between TBHC and the park on the northeast corner of the block for all to see. The staff of TBHC are pleased to support the Fort Greene Park Conservancy to highlight the importance of the park as a beautiful community resource and as a way to promote healthier living through exercise. TBHC connects with the community by supporting organizations such as Fort Greene Park Conservancy through sponsorships, participating in health fairs and providing an extensive listing of healthcare professionals who speak on a variety of health care topics.

View Community Outreach Events here

If you would like TBHC to participate in your health fair, download the Health Fair Request Form here

For more information regarding TBHC's Speakers Bureau, please click here.

Community Advisory Board

One of the ways that TBHC keeps connected to the community is through its Community Advisory Board (CAB). The CAB is a diverse group of individuals with strong ties to the community we serve. Each advisor has a keen understanding of how our hospital works. This knowledge enables us to tailor our programs and services so that TBHC targets the health care needs of residents in our neighborhoods.

TBHC's CAB members are committed to:

  • Assist in assessing and identifying the health needs of the community

  • Offer guidance in identifying local strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and potential threats to THBC

  • Cultivate and maintain relationships with community leaders, community based organizations (CBOs), and civic groups to strengthen the hospital’s link to the community

  • Assist hospital administration in its community outreach efforts Organize community forums of mutual interest to TBHC and the community

  • Monitor TBHC’s patient satisfaction process to ensure that issues are addressed and resolved appropriately

  • Communicate how our community views TBHC


  • Ms. Amanda de Geneste-Archer
  • Ms. Deborah Benson, Secretary
  • Kim Best, PhD, Vice Chair
  • Ms. Renee Collymore
  • Mr. Samuel Dunston
  • Ms. Fulvia Forbes
  • Loretta Patton-Greenidge, MD
  • Rev. Earl Jones, Chair
  • Ms. Pearl Jones, Vice Chair
  • Mr. Habib Joudeh
  • Natalie Mathurin, MD
  • Mr. Wellington Sharpe
  • Mohammad Sadique
  • Adrina Banks Martin
  • Mavis Veronica Yon
  • Gary Terrinoni, TBHC CEO and President


The Community Advisory Board of TBHC meets the third Tuesday of each month, except in July, August and December. If you are interested in becoming a CAB member, please contact TBHC today.

The Community Advisory Board of TBHC

Gilda Caputo-Hansen, MBA, MPH , Director, Community Affairs

Sakibeh Mustafa, Community Outreach Coordinator

The Brooklyn Hospital Center
121 DeKalb Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11201

718.250-8391 email:


Community Service Plan

TBHC prepares a Community Service Plan (CSP) in accordance with New York State Public Health Law section 2803-1. The 2015 CSP reports on TBHC’s accomplishments and challenges in meeting the health care needs of the community, its pledge to provide care to all who need it, and its ongoing commitment to improve access to health care for the uninsured and underserved. Click here to view the executive summary.

Community Outreach Forms: