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718.250.6100 or 6131


Main Hospital, 8th Floor


English and Spanish. Free interpreter services for many different languages.


Most major insurance plans are accepted, including Medicare.

Health care designed for older patients.

As we age our body changes, but that doesn’t mean we have to accept significant loss of functionality. The negative effects of many age-related illnesses and conditions can be lessened when caught early on and managed properly.

The following is just a partial list of common conditions
treated by Brooklyn Hospital Center Geriatricians.

Leverage the resources of Brooklyn’s
oldest voluntary hospital.

TBHC Geriatricians coordinate your care with other specialists so you can receive exactly the treatment you need, without fear of conflicting medications or therapies.

Some of the specialized clinical services offered by The Brooklyn Hospital Center include:

A health care plan focused on you.

The average elderly patient with multiple chronic
conditions makes almost forty visits to 14 healthcare
specialists every year. TBHC Geriatricians coordinate
all of these medical caregivers, making your treatment
safer and far more convenient.

We meet all of your health care needs.

Focused not on a single illness but on you as a person,
your Geriatrician can help solve many problems faced by
older patients.

  • Long-Term Planning Decisions
  • Finding Appropriate Elder Care
  • Managing Chronic Pain
  • Minimizing Use of Pharmaceuticals
  • Preventive Care

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