Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear Medicine

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Physician offices can fax requests, referrals, and authorizations to 718.250.6760.


Main Hospital, 2nd floor


English, Spanish, Russian and Korean. Free interpreter services are available for many other other languages.


Most major insurance plans are accepted.

The Department of Nuclear Medicine provides a full range of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. We are one of a few hospital-based labs accredited by the Intersocietal Commission for the Accreditation of Nuclear Medicine Laboratories (CANL) in the nation. Our facilities have a variety of sophisticated imaging equipment including one single-head and three dual-head gamma cameras. We are also equipped with a Biodex uptake probe, which is used for non-imaging studies.

In addition to two Board Certified nuclear medicine physicians, we have three nuclear cardiologists, five technologists, and a full-time physicist who serves as the radiation safety officer.

We specialize in both diagnostic and therapeutic procedures using radionuclides. Typical diagnostic and therapeutic procedures include:

     - Cardiac Scans: Nuclear cardiology techniques are used to
       assess myocardial perfusion and viability as well as cardiac function
       and wall motion evaluation.

     - Bone Scans: Evaluation of malignant disease, response to therapy,
       osteomyelitis, fractures, and other benign diseases.

     - Lung Scans: Evaluation of pulmonary emboli, airway obstruction and
       other lung conditions.

     - Renal Scans: Evaluation of renal function, hydronephrosis, congenital anomaly,
       renal scarring and renal hypertension.

     - Hepatobiliary Scans: Evaluation for acute cholecystitis, extrahepatic biliary
       obstruction, and post-surgical evaluation, including bile leak.

     - Therapy: Thyroid Therapy for both hyperthyroidism and cancer,
       radioimmunotherapy, and bone pain palliation.

Other procedures include Gallium scans, treatment of lower GI bleeding, hemangioma scans, Gastric Emptying, liver-spleen scans, thyroid uptake & scans, parathyroid scans, testicular scans, venograms, superior vena cavograms, lymphangiograms for sentinel node detection, FDG scans, MIBG scans, octreoscan, prostascint scans and more.


     - In Suk Seo, MD, Director of Nuclear Medicine
     - Angelina Almonte, RT(N), CNMT, Nuclear Medicine Supervisor
     - Dr. Thomas Lowringer, Physicist/RSO
     - Cherry Charles, Administrative Assistant

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