Volume 1, Issue 1


From the Editor

November 9, 2009


Welcome to Volume I, Issue I, of our new electronic journal – The Brooklyn Hospital Center Journal of Health Sciences.  Before I discuss the mission, vision and goals of our new journal, special acknowledgment must be made to many individuals who were integral to its genesis and development: Dr. Richard Becker, CEO and President of The Brooklyn Hospital Center who understands that resident education and continued attending education is essential to maintaining the quality of health care. Also, Mr. Johnathan Weld and Mr. Carlos Naudon, Chairman and Vice Chairman of The Brooklyn Hospital Center Board of Trustees for their support and dedication. Dr. Benson Yeh, Vice President of Academic Affairs at The Brooklyn Hospital Center and Associate Editor of this journal, for his unwavering support. Ms. Catherine Derr, Vice President of Marketing and Communications, for her embracing this project and seeing it through to its formation and finally, to The Brooklyn Hospital Foundation for their financial support.