Medical news for our community.
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Medical news for our community.

It's Flu Season. Do You Know Where Your Immunity Is?

Believe it or not, it's time to grab your winter coat, scarf, and gloves and bundle up for colder weather. You should be getting your annual flu shot as soon as it becomes available. read more >

The Growing Allergy Problem: Nothing to Sneeze At!

Not only are more of us suffering from allergies, the symptoms seem to be getting worse as well. Kids are coming down with allergies at younger ages.
read more >

The ABCs of Breast Cancer

Scientists still don't know exactly what causes breast cancer, though they do know that certain factors put you at higher risk. read more >

Exercising Caution about Sports Injuries

Every year millions of American kids get hurt practicing or playing a sport. As more of them get involved with high school teams, park-sponsored leagues and clubs the greater likelihood a young athlete will sustain an injury. read more >

Season's Eatings

For many of us, the holidays also become a time for overeating and gaining weight. According to the National Institutes of Health, excessive holiday eating can make you gain a pound or two every year!  read more >


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