Building a better healthcare system for Brooklyn.
Keeping Brooklyn Healthy

Building a better healthcare system for Brooklyn.

North and central Brooklyn have hospitals, healthcare clinics, private physician practices and more, but does it have a coordinated healthcare system? Not yet. As a result, our Brooklyn community is not efficiently using its resources to accomplish key health goals for our community: reducing chronic illness, reducing infectious diseases and, importantly, improving access to care for our residents.

That’s why TBHC participated in the formation of a Community Health Planning Workgroup (CHPW), a consortium of Brooklyn-based community organizations, to assess health care needs, barriers and gaps in access to health care services and resources.

Other CHPW members include the Brooklyn Perinatal Network, I M Foundation, New York Lawyers for the Public Interest, the Commission on the Public’s Health System and several other Brooklyn Community based organizations. 

Together we conducted a comprehensive study, and published the results in a document entitled The Need for Caring in North and Central Brooklyn, which was presented to the NY State Department of Health. This study will help guide the development of a new health care delivery system in North and Central Brooklyn.

The envisioned Brooklyn health system will make high quality, affordable care more accessible than it is today. More coordinated attention will be paid to preventing and managing chronic disease, preventing HIV and other communicable diseases, safeguarding the health of women, infants and children, and promoting a healthier and safer physical environment where people live, work, play and learn.

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