Don’t Kid Yourself: Children Need Flu Shots, Too
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Don’t Kid Yourself: Children Need Flu Shots, Too

Each year, millions of American adults suffer from the flu. For most people it’s a mild illness, but did you know children are also particularly vulnerable to the flu? In fact, 115 kids under 18 in America died from flu-related causes last year, underscoring the importance of annual vaccinations and antiviral treatment for children.

Many people think healthy kids can easily withstand the flu, yet about half of the children who died had healthy medical histories.

In the September 15 edition of HealthDay News, Dr. Kenneth Bromberg, chair of Pediatrics director of the Vaccine Research Center, said, “The fact that children die from influenza may not be adequately appreciated. Vaccinating children protects the whole population, other family members and children who may not be protected against influenza. It’s clearly the right thing to do for everyone.”

To schedule a flu shot for your child, contact your pediatrician or call our Children’s Health Center at 718.250.8671.

The flu vaccine can also be administered as a nasal spray instead of the usual injection method. It is an alternative for healthy, non-pregnant people age 2 to 49 who want to be protected from the flu virus. Unlike the regular vaccine, it is a live virus. Therefore, it is best if the person receiving it does not have close contact with people who have a weakened immune system.


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