Subway and Bus Safety for Kids
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Subway and Bus Safety for Kids

In Brooklyn, mass transit is a fact of life — and subways and buses are how many of us prefer to get from point A to point B. Traffic and other conditions permitting, they’re convenient, fast and dependable. But they can also be dangerous for your children.

Here are some common sense tips that will help your kids and you avoid both injury and incident in subway stations, at bus stops and aboard trains and buses.

Subway Safety

Take it slow. Most subway accidents result from slips, trips and falls on stairways when someone’s in a rush. Make sure your children never play on the subway platform. It would be easy for them to fall off the platform onto the subway tracks.

Don’t live on the edge. While you're waiting, make sure you and your children stand behind the yellow protective strip, away from the platform edge. No matter what happens, you and your kids must keep off the tracks, which contain 600 volts of live electricity. If you drop something on the tracks, go to the station booth and tell the agent.

Let the escalator do the walking. Make sure your kids never run or walk on escalators and that they always hold the handrail and face forward. Hold your child’s hand on the escalator. Small children shouldn’t hold escalator handrails. Keep your child’s clothing and shoes away from the sides and make sure laces on their footwear are tied. When they leave an escalator, have them step off, not ride off.

Stroller safety. Strollers and carriages should never be used on stairs or escalators; instead, fold strollers up and carry infants while holding on to the handrail. Strap your child in snugly at all other times. On the platform, keep the stroller away from the edge and apply the brake. Never place a stroller between closing subway car doors. And watch out for the gap between the platform’s edge and train when you board.

Bus Safety

Stand safely. If your kids are at the front of the bus, make sure they stay behind the white line. At the back, they should avoid standing on the rear door step and leaning against the rear door.

On the bus. While your child is riding, they should keep their head and arms inside bus windows. When they’re ready to get off, they should signal the bus operator two blocks before their stop so he or she has sufficient time to stop smoothly. Children should also hold the railing when exiting buses, especially in winter, and should watch for cars. They should also avoid crossing in front of the bus after they get off.

Stroller safety. When traveling with an infant and a baby stroller, fold the stroller before entering the bus and keep it folded for the duration of the trip.


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