Resident Schedule

Resident Schedule


  1. History and physical examinations
  2. Placement of I.V. lines
  3. Pre-op, post-op, daily orders
  4. Consultation appropriately completed
  5. Chart documentation per departmental policies
  6. Simple and surgical extractions
  7. Biopsies (hard and soft tissue)
  8. Simple laceration repair
  9. Simple intra-oral incision and drainage
  10. Placement of arch bars and IVY loops
  11. Treatment of avulsed teeth and alveolar fractures
  12. Case presentation at weekly conferences
  13. Prep and drape patient for surgical procedures
  14. Use of nitrous oxide
  15. Socket grafting and site preservation techniques


  1. Use of oral and nasal airways
  2. Endo-tracheal intubation
  3. Placement of Foley catheters
  4. Placement of nasogastric tube
  5. Removal of impacted wisdom teeth
  6. Simple implant placement
  7. ICU orders
  8. Complex laceration repair
  9. Simple apicoectomies
  10. Periodontal soft tissue surgery
  11. Extra-oral incision & drainage
  12. Ability to draw arterial blood for analysis
  13. Biopsy techniques


  1. Sinus maxillary lifts
  2. Intra-oral bone harvesting techniques
  3. Complex implant placement
  4. I.V. sedation/general anesthesia
  5. Evaluation of the TMD patient
  6. TMJ arthocentesis
  7. Intra-oral open reduction of mandibular fractures
  8. Closure of oral-intral communications
  9. Orthognathic treatment planning and surgical model work-up
  10. Ridge splitting for implant placement
  11. Repair of complex facial lacerations
  12. Scar revision
  13. Mandibular and palatal tori removal
  14. Calwell-luc sinus procedures
  15. Closed reduction nasal bone fracture
  16. Open reduction ZMC fracture and orbital floor fractures and reconstruction
  17. Open reduction of zygomatic arch fractures
  18. Cephlometric training
  19. Onlay bone grafting
  20. Soft tissue harvesting of mucosal grafts — hard palate, buccal mucosa


  1. Saggital split osteotomies of mandibular ramus
  2. Le Fort I osteotomy
  3. Mandibular/maxillary segmental osteotomies
  4. Arthroscopy of TM joint
  5. Vertical ramus osteotomies
  6. Facial cosmetic procedure botox, collagen fillers
  7. Vestibuloplasties
  8. Open TM joint surgery
  9. Cleft lip and palate surgery
  10. Complex removal of large cysts and benign tumors of the jaws
  11. Management of the Ludwig angina patient
  12. Management of the complex benign soft tissue neoplasm in the face
  13. Genioplasty procedures
  14. Alloplastic grafting for cosmetic treatment
  15. Botox techniques

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