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The Ideal Weight

December 10, 2003
Why Is It So Important? How Do We Calculate? Health is one of the most important factors that affect the quality of our life from childhood to old age. Our hospital can treat various illnesses and conditions to improve your health. But it is an even more important task to prevent disease through the effort of your doctors and YOURSELF. In this series of articles we will talk about many sides of health and how to improve, preserve this precious asset of ours. Read more >

Graduation For Trainees of the Breast-Feeding Peer Counseling Program

October 10, 2003
The New York State Department of Health - WIC Program provides grants to WIC Programs for breast-feeding initiatives. One of those initiatives is the breast-feeding peer counseling program which is aimed at increasing the rates and duration of breast-feeding as a means to reduce infant mortality rates. Read more >

A Day in the Life Of The President & CEO

September 9, 2003
On Tuesday, September 9, Samuel Lehrfeld, President and Chief Executive Officer of The Brooklyn Hospital Center, opened his door for a day of job shadowing - an effort he made to support TBHC HEARTBEAT in its endeavor to bring the Hospital Family together by featuring a day in the life of one of its employees. In each ensuing publication, another person and their job responsibilities will be highlighted. Read more >

The Cancer Resource Center's New Home

August 8, 2003
TBHC 's American Cancer Society's Resource Center Rededicated August 8, 2003 was a damp and rainy day but that did not dampen the spirit of the crowd gathered in the upper lobby of The Brooklyn Hospital Center for the rededication of the American Cancer Society's Resource Center . Collaboration was the word of the day. It was wonderful to see the community, the Hospital and the American Cancer Society's efforts coming together on a project well needed in the community. Read more >

Kids Stuff

July 17, 2003
LIST OF ARTICLES AND POEMS     Sickle Cell Program's Goal Achieved     Sleeping Wind     Sadanadan     Ice Cream Party held at the Pediatric Inpatient Unit     Pediatrics Shines on Summer Sickle Cell Program's Goal Achieved The past year has been a very gratifying and productive year for the Pediatric Comprehensive Sickle Cell Program at The Brooklyn Hospital Center (TBHC). Read more >

Mobile Health Van Set to Serve this Fall

June 2, 2003
We are happy to announce that The Brooklyn Hospital Center and New York University 's Steinhardt School of Education, Division of Nursing are set to launch a new program to provide healthcare services in the community using a mobile health van. This program is called Brooklyn Community Health Partners (BCHP) and the mobile health van is scheduled to begin providing services this fall. BCHP was launched in June 2002, when the Division of Nursing received a 5-year grant from the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) of the Department of Health and Human Services. Read more >

One of NYC's Most Promising in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at TBHC

May 29, 2003
New York Magazine asked the top doctors in the city to name their most promising young colleagues practicing in the field of plastic surgery. Dr. Wendy-Ann Olivier is among them.Dr. Olivier has been a part of TBHC family since September 2001 in the Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Her Clinical Areas include: Read more >

What is a Trustee?

April 30, 2003
According to Webster's New Universal Unabridged Dictionary, a trustee is "any of a group or board of persons appointed to manage the affairs of a college, hospital, etc." Simple enough to understand, right? Well, perhaps the question should have been, "What is a Trustee of The Brooklyn Hospital Center?" There is no concise way to describe what our Trustees do for us and our Hospital. Our Trustees do meet the definition outlined above in the sense that they are appointed to manage the affairs of our Hospital, but what exactly does that mean? Read more >

The PCAP & WIC Programs

March 15, 2003
PCAP or Prenatal Care Assistance Program is a comprehensive model of care which covers prenatal care from conception to 8 weeks postpartum. It is a low income program that enrolls pregnant women at no cost regardless of their immigration status into comprehensive prenatal care. Read more >

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