2005 Nursing Recognition Day Ceremony


2005 Nursing Recognition Day Ceremony

May 1, 2005

For your convenience, pictures from the Nursing Recognition Day Ceremony are available online at Kodak's official web site www.kodakgallery.com. The Kodak website will allow you to view and print selected images. If you need additional assistance, please contact The Brooklyn Hospital Center's Outreach Department at 718-250-8325.

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On Tuesday, May 10, 2005, The Brooklyn Hospital Center's Department of Nursing held its Nursing Recognition Day Ceremony. The following is a list of recipients who were recognized during the event:

Registered Nurse Recipients:

Cynthia Wilkins - 10B
Anna Hippolyte - Erasmus - 9B
Marcia Williams - Operating Room
Marilyn Dawson - 8W
Lorna Wagstaffe - Endoscopy
Paula Sanford - 8B
Christine Stahl - Dialysis
Nelia Lopez - 7W
Joyce Hurst - Radiology
Marie Douge - 7B
Corrine Brown - Emergency Dept.
Hazel Hicks - CPCU
Pearl Orakwue - Ambulatory Care
Mary-Ann Chiacchiaro - CSCU
Claire Haynes - Utilization
Judith Alleyne - MICU
Rosalind Boyche - Anesthesiology
Yanick Johnson - Pediatrics
Catherine Law - Williamsburg Clinic
Elizabeth Liwanag - NICU
Rita Gonzalez - La Providencia Clinic
Lisette Scarlett - 4WOB
Edouarade Morisset - Manhattan Center
Hazel Dickerson - Labor & Delivery
Betty Thomas - Home Health Services
Yvrose Salomon - SICU
Claudette Davis - Family Practices
Tita Fabunan - PACU


Friends of Nursing Awards Recipients:

Administrative Recipient - Jonathan Weld, Chairman of the Board of Trustees 
Physician Recipient - Dr. Harry Dym, Chairman of Dentistry 
Departmental Recipient - Mr. Joseph Caravaglio, Director of Environmental Services

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