And the Winner of the Caring Heart Award goes to....


And the Winner of the Caring Heart Award goes to....

July 19, 2004

The Pastoral Care Advisory Committee was challenged beyond expectation! The members' task was to review the twenty nominees for the coveted Caring Heart Award 2004, and choose the recipient. The fact of the matter was that all twenty deserved this great honor.
The Caring Heart Award is presented each year by the Department of Pastoral Care to a staff member who treats patients as if they were family. Staff members are eligible to submit the names of colleagues who, in their opinion, are worthy of the award. To show you the enormity of the challenge faced by the Pastoral Care Advisory Committee, let's highlight the recipient and then showcase some of the other nominees.

Angelica P. Braithwaite, Neonatal Nurse Practitioner
Angie has been working at TBHC since June 17, 1974, over thirty years of dedicated service! She specializes as a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner, and shares herself in the children's clinic. She graduated from Erasmus High School , right here in Brooklyn , along with Barbra Streisand, Neil Diamond, and, of course, our own Dr. Michael Cabbad.
Children seem to cling to Angie, and their mothers love her. She is like an angel since she travels faster than an angel with wings. She says she has many people to help and so little time to touch all their lives. But the ones she does, and that's a heap, are blessed by her expertise, love and compassion. We join in saying the words spoken by her best friend when she heard Angie's award: "You go, girl!"

Here's a snapshot of some of the other nominees who are winners in their own right:

Karen Congro, Dietician/Nutritionist
Karen has served the TBHC community for the past sixteen years. She is the founder and present inspiration behind the Wellness Club, a gathering of more than seventy people from the community who want to learn how to live healthy lives. Karen takes a holistic approach with this group, teaching participants how to further their own physical, nutritional, emotional, and spiritual health. And she makes it all fun! David, a long-time member of the club, says about this dedicated woman: "She always takes time to listen. She will go the extra mile." Congratulations on your nomination, Karen!

Anne Goonan R.N., Senior Vice President for Nursing and Patient Care Services
Anne celebrates her silver anniversary at TBHC this year. Imagine, twenty-five years of loving, life-giving service. She's a local girl who made good, having been born less than a mile from TBHC. She is a hard worker who spends countless hours attending to the needs of her nurses and the rest of the staff. Anne has great faith in God's ability to lead her, and she is verbal about the importance of spirituality in her life and work. Her nominator said this about her: "Anne has a lot of heart for her nurses. She gives hugs, knows names, is warm and comforting, and will take care of you." We love you back, Anne!

Nelly Karlin, Registered Nurse
Nelly received four nominations for this award, more than any other candidate. She is a nurse in the Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Department, and she loves those kids! A doctor who nominated her said: "She takes children and their families with grave illness under her wings and offers solace and comfort through their trials and tribulations." Another nominator marveled: "Nelly even invited a child from a dysfunctional family to her home for Christmas and bought him presents." A final testament to her love follows: "She always smiles, no matter how much is on her plate." Nelly, may the angels continue to smile on your loving and compassionate nature.

Can you see now why the selection committee had such a difficult time to choose the winner? They are all winners and we are proud to have them among us!

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