Caledonian's Outpatient Dental and Oral Surgery facility


Caledonian's Outpatient Dental and Oral Surgery facility

November 2, 2005

The past year has seen a great deal of growth and expansion with the Caledonian Health Center's newly-opened Outpatient Dental and Oral Surgery facility. The new nine-chair facility is now open everyday, Monday though Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., offering comprehensive dental and oral surgical services.

According to Dr. Dym, Chairman, Department of Dentistry and Oral Surgery, Felipe DeJesus II is the capable Outpatient Dental and Oral Surgery facility's Office Manager and Administrative Coordinator of the Caledonian Site. Mr. DeJesus went to school at the State University of New York at Stony Brook, and has been with the facility for approximately one year.

In addition, the facility is proud to feature many fine physicians and staff members. Born in Taiwan and raised in Flushing , Queens, Dr. Edward Yuan is Caledonian's Dental Facility Director. Adds Dr. Dym, "He is an excellent restorative dentist in addition to being an educator. Ed is deeply dedicated to the program and recently married." Dr. Ricardo Boyce has also recently joined our team at Cale. Originally from Panama city and raised in the south side of Chicago , Dr. Boyce is a member of the American Dental Association, American Academy of Oral Medicine, New York State Dental Association, and the Second District Dental Society. Explains Dr. Dym, "He has quickly acclimated to the facility and its patients. In addition, Maureen (Pam) Savory, our front desk registrar, is another integral part of our Cale team. Poised, calm and professional, she makes all patients feel welcome and at ease."

The Caledonian Health Center 's Outpatient Dental and Oral Surgery facility now boasts:

    * Two full-time general dental attendings
    * Two general practice residents (ADA-approved general practice program)
    * A teaching center for post-graduate endodontic students from NYU Dental School
    * A teaching center for senior NYU Dental Students
    * Part Time Dental Hygienist/Dental Education

The newly-appointed dental suites run on an appointment basis to help significantly lower waiting time. The facility is manned by expert general dentists as well as specialists in Oral Medicine, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Endodontics and Implantologists. "The Dental and Oral Surgical Department is committed to extending state-of-the art therapy to the patients we treat and in turn, has established a comprehensive implant restorative program for our patients, in addition to our many other services," explains Dr. Dym. "The implants are placed by our Senior Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Residents with direct supervision by our Attending Staff at greatly reduced outpatient fees. All implants placed at our dental facilities are ultimately restored by our general dentists."

Additionally, the site functions as an educational facility with New York University Dental Students assigned for an educational opportunity and experience, alongside the American Dental Association-approved Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery and General Dentistry practice Residents. Dr. Dym explains, "The collaborative effort (between Cale and New York University ) helps to recruit capable residents from NYU dental school to go through our resident program, as well as increasing productivity and the academic climate of the current program."

Furthermore, the facility has received two significant grants from the Littauer Foundation that has enabled the Cale Health Center to purchase state-of-the-art dental equipment. The site also features:

    * Oral medical specialists
    * Oral & maxillofacial specialists
    * Root canal specialists
    * Periodontal specialists
    * Bleaching and teeth whitening

Explained Dr. Dym, "We also have the ability to treat all aspects of patients with oral pathology as well as patients in need of specialized jaw surgery (known as orthognathic surgery).The facility is also capable of treating patients with mental, emotional & physical handicaps, and is utilized as a referral site for many federal state & city health care agencies. In addition, we also have a very active HIV clinic with a dedicated hygienist, Ms. Irena Katrikh, who works closely with Mr. Dan Sendsik of the Path Center ." Dr. Dym notes that patients with compromised medical/health histories and even those with dental phobias are all handled and fully treated in the new facility. The site also has the ability to treat patients who require sedation/general anesthetics if necessary. Dr. Dym also added, "We also recently acquired a specialized laser teeth-whitening system - ZOOM II® - which we are offering to our community patients at a greatly reduced cost."

Dr. Dym noted that the facility has doubled its volume over the last year - they are currently seeing approximately 500 patients per month, roughly 6,000 patients a year. With this rapid increase in patient volume, explained Dr. Dym, the number of dental assistants has grown to four full-time people. "We are proud to proclaim that these four assistants - Ada Fulmore, William Gilmore, Carla Morgan and Dolores Winston - are graduates of the combined TBHC/1199 Federal Waiver Trainee Program, initiated through the combined efforts of HR Administration and the Dental & Oral Surgery Department."

"The Caledonian Health Care Facility and Dental Clinic is a combined product of Mr. Samuel Lehrfeld and Jonathan Weld's vision and foresight into paving new health inroads in the community, and for recognizing the vital importance that quality dental care means to one's overall health & image," explained Dr. Dym.

"Though all beginnings are difficult, I feel that our new dental facility will become a paradigm for community dental care, and I am deeply proud of the work and contributions of our dedicated dental & oral surgery team. The success of our facility is directly related to their dedication & hard work."

In retrospect, Dr. Dym added, "Finally, we know that the facility is top-notch, since many of the Board of Trustee members have not only visited the facility, but are also active patients."

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