The Cancer Resource Center's New Home


The Cancer Resource Center's New Home

August 8, 2003

TBHC 's American Cancer Society's Resource Center Rededicated
August 8, 2003 was a damp and rainy day but that did not dampen the spirit of the crowd gathered in the upper lobby of The Brooklyn Hospital Center for the rededication of the American Cancer Society's Resource Center . Collaboration was the word of the day. It was wonderful to see the community, the Hospital and the American Cancer Society's efforts coming together on a project well needed in the community.

The center was the first in the New York City area sponsored by the American Cancer Society (ACS). The center is a place for cancer patients, their families and the general public to visit and obtain reliable information on all aspects of cancer (latest treatments, resources, early detection and prevention etc). A volunteer who is a cancer survivor and trained by both the American Cancer Society and The Brooklyn Hospital Center will assist visitors not only in navigating the internet for reliable sources but will also be there to allow the visitor to see that there is life after a diagnosis of cancer.

The Resource Center was the end product of a three-year investigation funded through a grant from the national office of the American Cancer Society. Carol Cintron, the Principal Investigator of the grant, formed a multidisciplinary committee including nurses, social workers, cancer survivors, and members of the staff of ACS. After several months, it was decided to hold focus groups in two areas of New York City , the Brooklyn Downtown Area and The Bronx. The object of the focus groups was to obtain an understanding of how newly diagnosed cancer patients and their families gathered information on all aspects of the disease. Many in the focus groups spoke about the problems of having to travel a long distance to use a computer, and then not have someone to help them navigate the Internet for reliable information on cancer. Based on this investigation, three resource centers were planned in New York State - one in Brooklyn , one in The Bronx and one in Binghamton , New York .

The re-dedication was a wonderful event; it clearly showed the way in which collaboration lead to the development of a needed program. The ribbon cutting ceremony took place at 10:30 a.m. with representatives from the community, the hospital and the American Cancer Society. The applause echoed through the lobby as Mr. Samuel Lehrfeld, CEO and President of the Brooklyn Hospital Center, Jonathan Weld, President of the Board of Trustees TBHC , Congressman Ed Town, Borough President Marty Markowitz, Helen McCarthy, RN OCN, MPA (former Director of Cancer Communications TBHC ) and Carol Cintron, RN, MSN (Director of Education and Information Patient and Family Services the American Cancer Society) cut the ribbon.

A reception and tour of the Center followed. Approximately 100 guests attended. It was a great day and no one noticed the rain.

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