Improvements to the TBHC Medical Library


Improvements to the TBHC Medical Library

July 24, 2005

The Brooklyn Hospital Center 's (TBHC) Medical Library, located on the third floor North Pavilion, has recently acquired some improvements, particularly in regards to their computer systems and literary resources. These upgrades were possible primarily due to the monies collected from the 2003 Founders Ball.

According to Mr. Narciso Rodriguez, Director, Medical Librarian, TBHC has received a new software system called 'OVID'The software allows staff to browse through seventy-two different medical journals, including The New England Journal of Medicine (in full text), and is available on all seven computers in the library, as well as on other PCs within the hospital. The entire journal may be read via computer, and most of the journals are available dating back a decade through the present. Mr. Rodriguez added that the library is funding the software services by small contributions collected from different departments within TBHC.

Another software system, known as "Up-to-date", was acquired through a donation from the company itself. The company sends the library CDs every 3 months so that TBHC can save money and perform the upgrades themselves. The library will receive a review from "Up-to-date" in six months to continue the service, but Mr. Rodriguez explained that the government-funded Metropolitan New York Library Consul (also known as "Metro") would most likely pick up the funding for this program. Metro is an organization that helps libraries throughout New York State .

The "Up-to-date" system provides a valuable service to all clinicians throughout the hospital. The purpose of "Up-to-date" is for researching the latest medical conditions - the user simply types a condition or symptom in the search engine, and the system pulls up the very latest information regarding the query. Although only one computer has been furnished with this program in the library, there is a possibility that an additional computer may also be upgraded with the software.

In addition, a third online resource has been added to the library, called 'Stat!Ref' . This software program includes forty different medical books available online for research purposes, and like OVID, is also accessible on most computers throughout the hospital.

Furthermore, the library is also upgrading its computers. Mr. Rodriguez explained that the library would be receiving five new computers, which will replace the outdated PCs. Ultimately, there will be a total of seven new computers in the library for the hospital staff's usage.

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