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July 17, 2003


    Sickle Cell Program's Goal Achieved
    Sleeping Wind
    Ice Cream Party held at the Pediatric Inpatient Unit
    Pediatrics Shines on Summer

Sickle Cell Program's Goal Achieved
The past year has been a very gratifying and productive year for the Pediatric Comprehensive Sickle Cell Program at The Brooklyn Hospital Center (TBHC).

The program has been in existence for 11 years and has been dramatically enhanced due to a grant awarded to TBHC from the Department of Human Resources and Services Administration (HRSA). We have successfully achieved many of our goals that we have set out to accomplish by the close of this funding year.

The principal goal of the HRSA Sickle Cell Grant is to educate community members and service providers as well as the community at risk for sickle cell trait and disease. The program takes a rigorous, proactive approach to health education, outreach, community awareness and advocacy. Educational seminars and informational workshops are provided to clinics, schools, community and faith based organizations. Educational information is provided to caregivers and extended family members.

We have re-established the Support Group Program at the hospital, improving upon it by adding a much needed teen group. The first Tuesday of every month, families dealing with the on-going stress Sickle Cell Disease have a "safe" place to go where they share food and conversation. Scheduled guest speakers keep the group informed on a variety of important issues such as stress management techniques, nutrition and utilizing existing social services. We strongly believe that support groups are a very integral part in a comprehensive care program for our patients.

Genetic counseling and testing are provided to parents of newborn infants identified with sickle cell trait. Comprehensive care for those identified with the disease are treated by a dedicated Pediatric team of board-certified Pediatric Hematologists, RN's, Geneticists, Child-Life Specialists and Social Workers. This comprehensive team approach remains critical to the success of the program which is to minimize the devastating impact that sickle cell disease has upon the communities we serve.


The Pediatric Department helps children discover themselves - their talents and skills. This is a poem written by one of the Pediatric patients:

Sleeping Wind

    Wind, help my child to sleep.
    Blow swiftly so you can carry her away to sleep.

    Carry her Brother Rain Forest
    Where the birds and animals play
    Wind, carry her
    Into the sky so she can stand on
    Sister Cloud up high

    Wind, do not carry her into the wet roaring of the hard pain.
    Wind, carry her into a sleep
    Where she can dream a beautiful dream

                - Faith Lambert


    Sadanadan is like a flower up in the sky.
    She shines bright in the night.
    She is like a bird singing in the sky.
    Cherp, cherp, cherp,
    She is like a dimond in the light.
    She's like a star in the dark sky.
    She's like a heart in my body.
    She's like a soft pillow.
    She's like a brown teddy bear.

Ice Cream Party held at the Pediatric Inpatient Unit
On Thursday August 14th, the pediatric inpatient unit was treated to an ice cream party. Thanks to the generosity of Uncle Louie G's, and the Administration department, the children, families and staff were treated to a refreshing treat on a hot summer day.

Vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream and lemon and strawberry ices were passed out to everyone. Children who could not make it to the playroom were well taken care of with a bedside delivery. As we were cleaning up the lights went out and a day that none of us will soon forget, the Blackout! Word spread of the left over ice cream and ices and staff from various floors and departments came up for a nice treat to help get through the long hot day.

Pediatrics Shines on Summer
This summer, pediatrics has been consistently busy as well as having many new projects on the horizon. The Child Life Program received a grant of $7,020 from the Starlight Children's Foundation to purchase musical equipment. With the help of Target stores, we will be picking up 45 radios, which will be placed on individual shelves to be built by TBHC staff at every bedside on the inpatient unit, the PICU, treatment rooms and in the ER. We will also be purchasing earphones, CD's and tapes to be provided to the families for use while they are here. We also plan to buy musical instruments such as guitars and shakers for the children to use when we have guests come and perform in the playroom.

In late September, Hemophilia Resources of America will be sponsoring an educational day for families who have a child with hemophilia. It will be held in TBHC cafeteria and open to anyone with a child who has hemophilia. There will be separate sessions for parents and children as well as fun activities and refreshments.

The pediatric comprehensive sickle-cell program also continues to flourish. We now offer monthly support groups for parents who have a child with sickle cell disease and a teen support group for teens with sickle cell disease. Both are running successfully and hope to continue in the future and open up to anyone within the community.

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