New Clinics at TBHC to Better Serve the Community


New Clinics at TBHC to Better Serve the Community

October 3, 2005

Over the last year, The Brooklyn Hospital Center has established several enhanced patient services within the hospital to serve our community's various health needs. TBHC is proud to announce the following new services for our patients:

Comprehensive Diabetes Center
According to Ramesh S. Gulrajani, M.D, Chairman, Department of Internal Medicine, the Diabetes Center began based on a need within the hospital and the community: " A nutritionist has been hired to work alongside the Departments of Medicine, Family Practice and Pediatrics. The nutritionist will work to provide dietary consults initially but this is slated to become a full-blown Diabetes Center where comprehensive care will be provided and all sub specialists will be available to both private patients and clinic patients. These sub specialists will include podiatrists, nutritionists, endocrinologists, and so on." Dr. Gulrajani added, "Even patients without insurance may qualify for a sliding-scale fee."

Dr. Gulrajani explained, "This Comprehensive Diabetes Center is especially important because of the high rate of diabetes in the community. Our goal is to have the Center established by year's end in the Maynard Building , Suite 7 - F and in the clinic building".

Asthma Center
The Asthma Center , called "Breathe Free Brooklyn", is also crucial to the Brooklyn community because the incidence of asthma is quite high, according to Dr. Gulrajani. "A comprehensive asthma center will provide care by lung specialists. In addition, patient education services will be provided by the Pharmacy Residents as well as Respiratory Therapists. Because proper patient education has shown to decrease patient admission and ER visits, the overall well-being of our patients will be improved, and patients can be referred for educational purposes only. At TBHC, we have all of the facilities and expertise to meet the needs of the asthma population. Because of this we are capable and willing to provide this comprehensive service sorely needed by our patients and physicians".

When asked to describe the process of how a patient might seek assistance, Dr. Gulrajani explained, "A person may be self referred or by our physicians for treatment and/or education. They will then see a pulmonologist following their initial consultation where they will receive asthma education. Each patient's requirements will be tailored to meet their specific needs depending on their situation; the same goes for our pediatric patients and physicians."

Smoking Cessation Service
This one is called 'Smoke Free Brooklyn'. TBHC has set up a service geared especially towards those who want to "kick the habit". According to Dr. Gulrajani, "The population of adult smokers has gone up at an alarming rate, particularly among women. At TBHC, we decided to embark upon this area, offering services in both our private practices and clinics. Patients can be referred to TBHC by their own private or by one of our physicians in the hospital, or they can make an appointment directly for themselves. Once they meet for a consultation, they will be provided with a comprehensive education, important information concerning their addiction, and medications to aid them in the smoking cessation process. Medications include Nicorette©, nicotine patches, Zyban© and so forth. Dr. Gulrajani also added that the service also provides group therapy: "It (group therapy) encourages patients to continue trying to quit. This service has been in place in the hospital for approximately two months. We also refer people who might request any other support services, such as hypnotherapy or other alternative methods of quitting. So far, we have had a very good success rate - we have provided a valuable service to the community through the services we have set up at TBHC." 

The following is a list of contact information for each service: 

Breathe Free Brooklyn 
Appointments: (718) 250-6100 
Clinic patients: (718) 250-8200  
Pediatric patients: (718) 250-8671 

Smoke F ree Brooklyn 
Appointments: (718) 250-6100 
Clinic Patients: (718) 2 50-8200

Nutritional services/Comprehensive Diabetes Center 
Appointments: (718) 250-6100 
Clinic Patients: (718) 250-8200                                 

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