New Shining "Star of Life" Ambulance Written by Marilyn Capuano


New Shining "Star of Life" Ambulance Written by Marilyn Capuano

August 17, 2005

Although we see the "Star of Life" almost every day, it is one of those things that blend into our everyday life and we don't give it much thought. You may not even be able to recall where you see it; it is on the emblem of the uniforms worn by all certified Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics and on every ambulance used to provide emergency medical services.

There are six points to the star, each representing an aspect of the Emergency Medical Services System. They are:

    * Detection
    * Reporting
    * Response
    * On Scene Care
    * Care in Transit
    * Transfer to Definitive Care

The Staff on the Star represents Medicine and Healing. The Snake represents an ancient Greek symbol for Eternal Life.

At The Brooklyn Hospital Center, we are proud to be part of the New York City Fire Department - Emergency Medical Services 911 Ambulance System. We run two ambulances, 48-Sam, our advanced life support ambulance, and 31-Eddie, our basic life support ambulance. In cooperation with our partners, TransCare, who has provided this service, we began running a brand new ambulance on Tuesday, August 2, 2005. This new ambulance will enhance our efforts in providing emergency medical services to the communities we serve.

Our ambulance service began at the Caledonian Hospital several years ago, and was transferred to The Brooklyn Hospital Center in 2002. The seamless transition from the pre-hospital care provided on the streets and in the ambulances in transit to the Hospital, to Emergency Room care, is something we can all be proud of. Our triage nurses, staff nurses, and doctors working in the ER work in unison with the EMTs and Paramedics bringing in the patients. It is this seamless transition that can be credited with saving the lives of many Brooklyn residents with the "Star of Life" symbolically shining over them.

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