Patient Satisfaction


Patient Satisfaction

February 22, 2005

The Power of the Word -

            Kindness is a language which thedeaf can hear and the blind can read

                    - Mark Twain

What to Know
How patients perceive care plays a very important role in the health care industry. In a competitive market, patients want and expect better health care. Patient satisfaction affects how well a hospital can gain and maintain market share. It also has a direct impact on patient health outcomes.

At TBHC, improving patient satisfaction is part of our overall Strategic Plan. Meeting our patient and customer needs and exceeding expectations daily is our value.

All patients who receive any service in TBHC receive a customer satisfaction survey. Outpatient surveys are done internally, but the specific service staff and inpatient surveys are done with the help of a vendor, Press Ganey. Utilizing Press Ganey also gives us an opportunity to compare ourselves with other hospitals including our competitors and find best practices.

The survey results are received quarterly. Service chiefs, department heads and unit managers review the results, share the information with their staff, and find practical ways to improve patient satisfaction scores with a special focus on the 11 questions in the survey that are considered as "Priority Focus Areas". The reason for the survey's particular title is due to the fact that they have the highest correlation to overall satisfaction of the patients, in comparison to the results of other surveys.

Based on the information we have discussed, you may be wondering - what is the plan?

Who Will Be Involved?
As some of you may already know, the Department of Organizational Development has started a training program on customer service. Many of you have already received the training, and many of you will be involved in the next couple of months.

Show 'em your Smile!
In the next month, you will be seeing some new posters going up on the units and in the hallways. TBHC is proud of our staff and wants to raise the patients' awareness of this survey. If you would like to pose for the pictures, please contact the Department of Quality Management at extension 8957.

Free Lunch!
As part of recognizing the great work of the units and the departments, Senior Management will be presenting a trophy to outstanding units and departments. Also part of the reward will be free lunch vouchers and certificates to local stores.

The department of Quality Management has held several open-educational sessions for all staff. The department plans to hold several more. We are interested in getting your feedback and planning more sessions for the folks at night - let us know!

Improving patient satisfaction is a continuous process - we want to be the best and better at everything we do!

For further questions, call Anu Iyer (718-250-8957), Quality Management.

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