TBHC Medical Team Helps in Honduras


TBHC Medical Team Helps in Honduras

June 2, 2005

Fundación Amor a Honduras is an organization that helps people with low incomes in need of medical care and treatment, and operates with donations from the U.S. Dr. Alexis Reyes, President of the organization, met Jeovanni Rivas, Director of Biomedical Engineering (Comprehensive Equipment Management Corporation) from The Brooklyn Hospital Center during a recent visit to his aunt in Honduras. At this meeting, the two addressed the limited amount of available medical equipment in the country. As Mr. Rivas's aunt was in need of an internal pacemaker, he was able to purchase a pacemaker with the assistance of TBHC - Paul Albertson, Sr. Vice President/Operations, Gary Moore, Director of Surgical Support Services, and Medtronics.

As a result of their meeting, Dr. Reyes and Mr. Rivas discussed a patient with porphyria, a rare disease. The patient, a young girl named Mayra Cruz, was in a coma with very little hope of survival. Dr. Reyes requested assistance in obtaining the right medication for this patient, since this was not available in Central America or Mexico . Mr. Rivas again enlisted the help of TBHC team. Paul Albertson , Norberto Alberto, Assistant Director of Pharmacy, and Dr. Eva Berrios-Colon, PharmD, Clinical Coordinator, Ambulatory Care Pharmacotherapy were able to obtain the medication (called Panhematin©) through Ovation Pharmaceutical at no cost, and shipped it directly to Honduras. Fortunately, Miss Cruz came out of the coma after the first treatment. A progress report has been sent to all parties involved - at present, Mayra is still recuperating in the hospital, but no longer in the ICU. TBHC would like to thank all of the staff members involved in the cooperative efforts in getting the medication to Miss Cruz in Honduras, particularly Dr. Allen, Ms. Kimberly Lulei, and Ms. Jeanine T. Schabes of Ovation Pharmaceutical Company for their generous donation.

Mr. Rivas added, "The way the hospital reacted - by reaching out to this young girl on such short notice - is commendable, and TBHC looks forward to working with Fundación Amor a Honduras in the future. As for me, it is significant to be part of such a generous effort on behalf of the Latino community. TBHC knows no boundaries when it comes to their outreach and support to all ethnicities and cultures. I am proud to be a part of the TBHC family."


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