TBHC Tsunami Relief Fund


TBHC Tsunami Relief Fund

February 15, 2005

The hearts of our staff were touched by terrible tragedy and loss of tens of thousands of lives due to the tsunami in Asia. It spurred us to action. "How can we sit around enjoying life when so many are suffering?" was a question heard on the patient units, the cafeteria, and the hallways. "Let's take up a collection and in this way show our love and support for the victims of this disaster."

Immediately, without the delay of committees or red tape, the Administration gave the green light to place collection jars at the cash registers in the cafeteria. The cafeteria staff cooperated beautifully in this project. Over the course of several weeks the dollars, quarters, dimes and nickels added up to more than $1,000.

This money has been donated to charitable funds working with victims of the tsunami.

We were careful to select aid agencies whose administrative overhead was minimal and where we knew the majority of the money would go directly to the victims most in need.

Once again our staff showed their true colors.people of compassion, generosity and action. Let us continue to offer financial support and to pray for the victims of the tsunami.

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