TransCare Donates Ambulance to Grenada


TransCare Donates Ambulance to Grenada

March 2, 2005

Recently, Brooklyn-based TransCare Ambulance Corporation donated an ambulance to the country of Grenada to help the victims of Hurricane Ivan during a ceremony with Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz . On March 4, 2005, TransCare Chief Executive Officer Matt Harrison, along with President and Chief Executive Officer of The Brooklyn Hospital Center Sam Lehrfeld, presented the ambulance keys to the Honorable Allen McGuire, Consul General of Grenada.

When Hurricane Ivan hit Grenada in September 2004, it caused ninety percent of the island's structures to sustain damage and over 60,000 people became immediately homeless. There are over 50,000 Grenadians living in Brooklyn, and by donating this ambulance, TransCare - along with The Brooklyn Hospital Center - will be helping thousands of people on the island receive medical assistance.

"TransCare is pleased to help the thousands of people in Grenada who don't have access to hospitals and will now be able to be reached," said Harrison . "We are in the business of saving lives, and when The Brooklyn Hospital Center asked if we could help, we knew that donating this ambulance would make a difference . We already have plans to donate three more ambulances to the islands this year hit by the Hurricane."

Lehrfeld commented, "It is the true spirit of humanitarianism in outreach efforts like providing help wherever it is needed that sets The Brooklyn Hospital Center apart. We are proud to partner with TransCare in providing this ambulance and because of our close ties not only with Grenada , but the Caribbean , we will look for more opportunities to lend whatever assistance they may require."

"We are thankful to TransCare and The Brooklyn Hospital Center for donating this ambulance. It will be of great use to the people of Grenada ," said McGuire. " Brooklyn Hospital has been forging strong ties with the emerging nations of the Caribbean region, and when Grenada was devastated by Hurricane Ivan last September the hospital immediately asked how it could help. They have come through for us."

TransCare Corporation is the largest private ambulance company in New York City , operating over 500 vehicles in the greater New York metropolitan area and the Mid-Atlantic region. In addition to its dominance in the New York area, TransCare also controls the operations of the largest ambulance service in Pittsburgh , and is one of the main providers in the Baltimore-Washington D.C. market. In 2004, TransCare transported over 660,000 patients on emergency and non-emergency runs.

TransCare provides hospitals and a wide range of related healthcare facilities in its service territories, with a complete array of emergency medical transportation services including routine transports, specialized services such as neo-natal and other high-risk transfers, corporate response and standby services, and the provision of 911 emergency response services for several municipalities.

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