WIC Current Events and Programs for 2005


WIC Current Events and Programs for 2005

September 6, 2005

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From February 2 - April 6, WIC conducted its Breastfeeding Peer Counselor Class. On August 12, the Pump Technology Class was attended by all WIC staff. Breastfeeding Peer Counselor Graduation was held on August 19, 2005 with 18 mothers who completed the class. In addition, WIC received two additional grants; the first was the Breastfeeding Peer Counseling Pilot Program. Through this grant, Peer Counselors are trained and then employed to help mothers with their breastfeeding issues. The Peer Counselors assist mothers from their prenatal stages through labor & delivery, as well as home visits, to ensure breastfeeding is successful. The second grant is the Breast Pump Program, which allows breastfeeding mothers in WIC to receive free breast pumps after delivery to help them with the initiation and duration of breastfeeding. Electric, hospital grade and manual pumps are all available through this grant.

In other recent events, the Allocations of Farmers Market Nutrition Program, which took place from June through September 2005, distributed coupons for fresh fruits & vegetables to WIC recipients. WIC recipients also completed a Customer Service Survey to further improve customer services. In addition, WIC staffs have participated in various health fairs as part of community outreach. Another notable program that has begun, called Fit WIC - Eat Well, Play Hard, was initiated to incorporate physical activity and nutritional counseling into the overall program.

In the past decade, Federal human service legislation has tended to rely less on dispersing general (Welfare) grants to individuals and families. In place of this, it has emphasized the need for programs that target specific population groups and their needs. Food Stamps, Medical, Medicaid, the School Lunch Program and WIC are all examples of this new trend.

The WIC Program is designed to meet the nutritional needs of low-income, pregnant, postpartum, and breastfeeding women, as well as children (one year to five years) and infants who are at nutritional risk or who suffer from medical conditions that predispose them to inadequate dietary intake.

WIC Sites at The Brooklyn Hospital Center:

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