Success Stories

Success Stories

It was just another Wednesday for Sunnia Carberry and her baby son Jaylen, until the four-month-old became unconscious and unresponsive for no apparent reason inside a bank on Fulton Street.

As an active, healthy twenty-seven-year old, the thought that I might suddenly die wasn’t exactly “top of mind” for me. So when I woke up with severe back pain one morning I thought my problem was just that, back pain.

Smoking cessation is difficult, but thanks to Dr. Ahmar Butt I was able to quit after more than three decades of addiction. Dr. Butt's gentle but persistent encouragement helped me stay focused during that difficult first month. 


Maxine and ZaneMy son Zane came into the world in the most perfect way possible, delivered by compassionate, expert hands and surrounded by family. It was a magnificent ending to what was technically a high-risk pregnancy. Although I had already given birth four years earlier to a healthy son, this time around I had a problem that required immediate attention.

Anastasia and Aliyah

Dr. Michael Cabbad is one of just a few physicians in the New York metro area skilled in transabdominal cerclage. The procedure helped my daughter Aliyah reach full term.

Vittoria and Luca I was in my thirteenth week when my otherwise normal pregnancy took an unexpected, frightening turn. My obstetrician, Dr. Michael Cabbad, noticed that my son Luca’s bladder was much larger than normal for a fetus at that stage. His bladder had swelled with fluid because of a blocked right ureter.

Guy TrotterA motorcycle accident in 1974 permanently altered the course of my life. I was badly injured but eventually recovered. Unfortunately, I developed a blood clot in my left leg, which led to decades of slow-healing wounds in my knee and ankle.

Eric Shlapack, Professional Writer

When I woke up in the middle of the night with a very painful "charley horse" in my calf after a trip to Washington DC, I thought nothing of it.  I just figured I had strained it from the active day, no big deal.  But the pain lingered on, intensifying day after day, finally forcing me to take action beyond rest and ice.

LuisaMy road to health and wellbeing started when I entered a 12-step program for drug and alcohol addiction. As anyone who has gone through the program will tell you, the eighth step requires making a list of all the people you have harmed in your life. I thought about and realized addiction had been manifesting itself not just in drugs and alcohol but also in food. I was very young and hadn’t yet gotten diabetes or heart disease, but I knew those and other diseases would come. At 350 pounds, I was already taking up two seats on the bus.

Lisa and JahniceEveryone knows that kids can start talking at different times. But I was very worried when my daughter Jahnice reached two-and-a-half years and still was only producing two sounds, "da" and "huh". 

Jahnice could understand what she was hearing but just couldn't speak, so she often ended up having to point at the things she wanted. Seeing her communicate this way was heartbreaking.

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