Healing a Wound That Wouldn't Heal. By Guy Trotter

Success Stories: Healing a Wound That Wouldn't Heal. By Guy Trotter


Wound Specialist Dr. Sumit Dharia with Guy TrotterWound Care Specialist Dr. Sumit Dharia and patient Guy Trotter. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy ended over 30 years of discomfort from slow healing wounds.

 A motorcycle accident in 1974 permanently altered the course of my life. I was badly injured but eventually recovered. Unfortunately, I developed a blood clot in my left leg, which led to decades of slow-healing wounds in my knee and ankle.

The only thing that finally worked to heal these wounds was hyperbaric oxygen therapy I received from The Brooklyn Hospital Center.

Over the years I tried many other remedies: jobst stockings, ointments, powders, whirlpool therapy, skin grafts, and special medicine-soaked gauze bandages called Unna boots.

All of these therapies helped a little, but not of them helped enough. Even the best therapy I tried only provided relief for a few months.

Fortunately, my podiatrist recommended hyperbaric oxygen therapy at The Brooklyn Hospital Center. Though I live in Queens, I was happy to come to Brooklyn for several oxygen therapy sessions. 

The experience seems strange at first—you lie inside a long rectangular box for about two hours at a time—but it’s actually quite comfortable. Oxygen itself is the therapy so there's no pain. On my first visit the doctor and his technicians showed me how the technology worked, which kept me very calm.

Dr. Sumit Dharia leads the Wound Care Center. He's my “miracle worker” and the technicians working with him couldn’t be nicer. I won’t need another hyperbaric treatment for a year or more, but I still return once in a while just to say hello.

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