Look Who's Talking!

Success Stories: Look Who's Talking!

Lisa and JahniceSpeech Therapist Lisa Rubin, MS, CCC-SLP, with her patient Jahnice

Everyone knows that kids can start talking at different times. But I was very worried when my daughter Jahnice reached two-and-a-half years and still was only producing two sounds, "da" and "huh". 

Jahnice could understand what she was hearing but just couldn't speak, so she often ended up having to point at the things she wanted. Seeing her communicate this way was heartbreaking. 

I'm so glad my pediatrician at The Brooklyn Hospital Center recommended I get an appointment for Jahnice at the hospital’s Speech and Hearing Center.

She was evaluated by speech therapist Lisa Rubin, MS, CCC-SLP, and then began receiving weekly half-hour speech therapy sessions from her as well. Ms. Rubin was so patient, so polite and so soft with Jahnice and with me.

We worked as a team. After every session, Ms. Rubin took the time to discuss Jahnice's progress, and she showed me how to practice with Jahnice at home to help speed her progress. 

It worked! We soon saw big changes in Jahnice's speaking ability. What really encouraged me was seeing her try more frequently to bring the words out. 

Everything progressed so much faster after that. 

I'm happy to say now that my daughter is not only speaking well but also thriving in school. She chit chats with me, her teachers and friends all the time and especially loves asking questions. Why is the sky blue? How are trees made? How come there are no dinosaurs in the zoo? 

Jahnice is talking, and it’s music to my ears.

by Joyce Griffith-Hayes

For Speech and Hearing Center inquiries, please email tbhcspeechandhearing@nyp.org.

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