Twelve Steps on the Road to Health

Success Stories: Twelve Steps on the Road to Health


LuisaMy road to health and wellbeing started when I entered a 12-step program for drug and alcohol addiction. As anyone who has gone through the program will tell you, the eighth step requires making a list of all the people you harmed in your life. I thought about and realized addiction had been manifesting itself not just in drugs and alcohol but also in food. I was very young and hadn’t yet gotten diabetes or heart disease, but I knew those and other diseases would come. At 350 pounds, I was already taking up two seats on the bus.

So I put myself at the top of my own list, having done so much harm to myself through my weight.

The ninth step in Recovery is to make amends to those you have harmed, and the only way to make amends to myself, I knew, was by getting outside help. Recognizing this led me to schedule an appointment at the Weight Loss Surgery Center at The Brooklyn Hospital Center.

I’m glad it did. The surgeon and his entire team were extremely nice and they always kept me informed. We discussed my surgical and non-surgical options and together decided on minimally invasive gastric bypass surgery. Now I weigh 180 pounds, and I know I’ll keep losing even more weight if I continue to work hard. Bariatric surgery can help you lose a great deal of weight, and if a good diet and exercise will help you lose even more.

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