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The Brooklyn Hospital Foundation

As Brooklyn’s first voluntary hospital, The Brooklyn Hospital Center (TBHC) has been fortunate enough to receive the generous support of others while working to fulfill its motto “Every Person, Every Moment, Every Day.”

For 167 years TBHC’s reciprocal relationship with its philanthropists has fostered collaboration in every facet of the hospital. As the first hospital to fundraise we take great pride in our roots and value every contribution. Whether through time, money or ideas, each has helped the hospital remain modern and innovative. 

A Brief History of Philanthropy at The Brooklyn Hospital Center

  • 1839 - Brooklyn Mayor Cyrus Smith witnessed a gentleman from Buffalo break his leg on Flatbush Avenue. It dawned on Mayor Smith that there was no hospital to bring him to for treatment. Mayor Smith & Founders (Augustus Graham, Henry E. Pierrepont, A.A. Low and William Packer) resolved to create a hospital to meet the needs of the growing city.

  • 1845 -  The Brooklyn City Hospital is incorporated.

  • 1851 -  On the site next to old Fort Greene on Dekalb Avenue purchased with donor money, the widow of Augustus Graham (her late husband contributed $38,000) lays the cornerstone to build the hospital that latter becomes The Brooklyn Hospital Center.

  • 1978 -  The Brooklyn Hospital Foundation is created by a cadre of trustees with the foresight to determine that fundraising should remain an integral part of the hospital’s culture.

  • 1986 -  the first annual Founders Ball is held to raise funds for the hospital.

  • 2009 -  A re-ignited Annual Campaign leverages it team leaders, so that in a period of three years it is able to grow from 95 employee donors to 443 in 2012, an increase of 374%!

  • 2010 -  The Young Leadership Council is established with ten exemplary young professionals from a cross section of fields.

  • 2011 -  In response to the inspired thoughts of TBHC’s employees, the Foundation initiates the Departmental Grant Program (DGP) allocating over $50,000 to 16 different departments throughout the hospital.

  • 2012 -  Foundation continues to expand the Departmental Grant Program (DGP) awarding 21 separate grants to 18 different departments within the hospital.

  • 2012 -  The Brooklyn Hospital Foundation donates $5,000 dollars to hospital employees suffering from Hurricane Sandy.

  • 2014 -  The Founders Ball,  raises a record $1.702 million.

The Brooklyn Hospital Foundation is very proud to step into a strong, established legacy of philanthropic work. The Foundation believes part of its mission is to honor the integrity of the hospitals Founders.