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EnergyPods from MetroNaps/Restworks
EnergyPods from MetroNaps/Restworks
  • Hospital News

    The Brooklyn Hospital Center Receives Generous Donation of EnergyPods from MetroNaps/Restworks

    August 19, 2020

    The Brooklyn Hospital Center is pleased to announce that we have received a generous donation from MetroNaps/Restworks, an industry leader providing workplace rest and napping installations to reduce stress, increase alertness, boost productivity, as well as enhance work performance and safety. The contribution, which includes the use of three top-of-the-line MetroNaps EnergyPods for one year, totals close to $45,000.

    “We are extremely grateful to MetroNaps/Restworks for their ongoing support and generosity. As we continue the fight against Coronavirus, we want to ensure that our physicians and staff feel connected and supported,” says Jessie Van Daele, PhD, TBHC’s Director of Clinical Research.

    The sleep pods are designed to induce power naps for the hardworking hospital staff, especially those suffering from PTSD, insomnia and depression due to the stress brought on by the current pandemic. This commitment from our industry partner allows us to continue our mission, while maintaining the health and safety of our staff and to all those with whom we come into contact.