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Staffers wore red for National Red Dress Day!
Staffers wore red for National Red Dress Day!
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    The Brooklyn Hospital Center Supports National Red Dress Day Promoting Stroke & Cardiovascular Disease Awareness

    February 4, 2017

    While everyone associates February with Valentine’s Day, the month also has another important significance.

    February is Healthy Heart Awareness Month.

    Physicians at The Brooklyn Hospital Center (TBHC), along with the American Heart Association (AHA), encourage everyone to receive regular check-ups, to “know your numbers”, and to know whether you are at-risk for stroke or cardiovascular disease (heart disease).

    TBHC participated in the AHA Red Dress Day as part of their national campaign to bring awareness to cardiovascular disease and the importance of maintaining your healthy heart.

    On February 3rd, they joined in with thousands of men and women across the country and wore red dresses and ties to work for National Red Dress Day.

    Heart disease is the number one killer in America taking more than 800,000 lives annually, or one out of every three deaths in the U.S.

    Every 40 seconds someone has a heart attack.

    Every 40 seconds someone has a stroke.

    Disease and premature death that affect people of all races can be linked to lifestyle choices. And, the more risk factors a person has the higher the likelihood of developing heart disease.

    The risks of developing heart disease and premature death are increased by:

    • Poor eating habits
    • Excessive alcohol consumption
    • Smoking
    • High Cholesterol
    • Hypertension (high blood pressure)
    • Lack of physical activity

    Studies have shown that African Americans are more likely to die from heart disease when compared to non-Hispanic whites.Heart Disease was the leading cause of death in Brooklyn with 4,906 people dying from the disease or 186 per 100,000, according to 2014 statistics from the New York State Health Department.Stroke was the fifth leading cause of death in Brooklyn with 518 people dying from the disease or 20 per 100,000, according to 2014 statistics from the New York State Health Department.More than 90 million Americans are living with some form of cardiovascular disease or the after-effects of stroke.The direct and indirect costs of stroke cardiovascular diseases and stroke are astronomical totaling an estimated $316 billion, according to national statistics.

    As a community of physicians and health care providers, we all need to do our part to encourage our patients to maintain a healthy heart.Studies have shown that a simple regimen of exercising daily, eating a healthy diet full of fruits, vegetables and whole grains can reduce the risk of developing heart disease.The Brooklyn Hospital Center encourages you to schedule regular doctor visits, maintain a healthy diet and adopt a moderate lifestyle.TBHC also encourages you to practice maintaining your healthy heart everyday and not just in the month of February.

    The Division of Cardiology at TBHC offers some of the most modern equipment available anywhere in the New York metropolitan area, including 3D echocardiography, web-based EKG, state-of-the-art stress lab, and an all-digital catheterization lab.When it comes to Heart care there are few who do it better.The Brooklyn Hospital Center, which has been recognized by U.S. News & World Report as a High Performing Hospital in Heart Failure; and awarded the Gold Plus Quality Achievement status for Stroke Care by the American Heart and American Stroke Associations.

    Schedule your next healthy heart check up at TBHC. For more information, call: (718) 250-8000.