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Community Baby Shower Sponsored by The Brooklyn Hospital Center
NYPD Officers Evita Poole and Kerron Mondesir along with Dr. Natasha Fievre and Mary Godineaux, Associate Vice President, Nursing.
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    Community Baby Shower Sponsored by The Brooklyn Hospital Center

    October 11, 2023

    On a lovely fall Friday, September 22,The Brooklyn Hospital Center (TBHC) hosted a community baby shower for about 30 expectant patients, in beautiful Fort Greene Park, the hospital’s next-door neighbor.

    “I was so touched when a gentleman came up from the parkgoers to thank the hospital for all it did for the community,” says Natasha Fievre, MD, an obstetrician and Director of Ambulatory Women’s Health Services at TBHC.

    The parents-to-be got a chance to meet obstetricians like Dr. Fievre, as well as TBHC’s lactation consultant, Labor & Delivery nurses, pediatricians and the full staff of the Women’s Health Center.

    There was plenty of information given both in person and in printed materials, as well as gifts and raffles for even more prizes. Special thanks go to the Fort Greene Park Conservancy, NYPD/88th Precinct, NY Mammas Give Back, and the TBHC staff from the Loading Dock and Support Services for ferrying tables, chairs and other supplies to the park.