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Vittoria and Luca
  • Hospital News

    Expert Care for a Complicated Pregnancy

    July 21, 2014

    Vittoria and Luca OutdoorsI was in my thirteenth week when my otherwise normal pregnancy took an unexpected, frightening turn. My obstetrician, Dr. Michael Cabbad, noticed that my son Luca’s bladder was much larger than normal for a fetus at that stage. His bladder had swelled with fluid because of a blocked right ureter. 

    Dr. Cabbad told me the fluid had to be removed, but the procedure required inserting a needle directly into the bladder of the fetus.

    A procedure like this would make any mother nervous and I was no exception. Still, I can’t emphasize enough how safe I felt in the care of Dr. Cabbad and his colleagues.

    My confidence wasn’t misplaced. The procedure was a success and Luca’s bladder and ureter tube slowly began functioning normally after the excess fluid was removed. 

    Luca is eight-years-old now and living a normal and happy life, all because Dr. Cabbad caught Luca’s problem and treated him at such an early stage. 

    Other specialists from The Brooklyn Hospital Center continued to monitor Luca closely for the first two years, and though I no longer live across the street from the hospital we still come back here for care. The Brooklyn Hospital Center will always be our hospital of choice.

    By Vittoria Di Rosa