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Anastasia Clyne and Child
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    Miracle Procedure, Miracle Child

    July 21, 2014

    Cervical insufficiency occurs in less than two percent of all pregnancies, but it can lead to preterm birth or, in my case, even miscarriage. 

    In layperson’s terms, cervical insufficiency (also called incompetent cervix) means the cervix is weak and thus can open prematurely as pressure in the uterus increases during pregnancy. Normally the cervix dilates only when the pregnancy reaches term.

    Dr. Michael Cabbad, The Brooklyn Hospital Center’s Chairman of Obstetrics and Gynecology, is one of the few doctors in New York City who performs transabdominal cerclage, a procedure that reinforces the cervical muscle by stitching it closed with a strong thread. 

    There is another, less invasive procedure called a cervical cerclage, but in my case, transabdominal cerclage—where the surgeon enters through the abdomen—was the only solution. It’s the reason I was able to have my beautiful daughter this April. Aliyah came out weighing seven pounds, ten ounces and is perfectly healthy. 

    I’m so grateful to Dr. Cabbad and his entire OB/Gyn team, not just for their expertise but their compassion, too. I live in Westchester, so The Brooklyn Hospital Center is not my “neighborhood hospital,” but I’m so grateful to receive treatment here.

    by Anastasia Clyne

    Visit if you would like to connect with a community focused on cervical insufficiency.