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Maxine and Zane
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    My Son's Birth, a Family Affair

    July 21, 2014

    My son Zane came into the world in the most perfect way possible, delivered by compassionate, expert hands and surrounded by family. 

    It was a magnificent ending to what was technically a high-risk pregnancy. Although I had already given birth four years earlier to a healthy son, this time around I had a problem that required immediate attention. Dr. Michael Cabbad recognized the issue and resolved it quickly and expertly, avoiding a premature delivery or possibly a miscarriage.

    I returned to the hospital frequently after that for observation and was treated so well by Dr. Cabbad and his colleagues. Everyone—from other physicians to the ultrasound technicians—was friendly and always took the time to understand me personally. 

    How personal? Here’s one example of many.

    My in-laws came to the hospital when I was delivering Zane. They came by my room to visit but we all assumed they had leave when it came time to push. That’s when Dr. Cabbad saw them heading for the cafeteria and kindly asked them to stay. No, they couldn’t come inside, but he had chairs placed specially for them right outside the delivery room where they could hear everything.

    Then, as soon as Zane came out, my father-in-law rushed in to say a blessing. We all felt like a blessed unit!

    How wonderful! Dr. Cabbad made sure my family was deeply involved with Zane’s birth because he knew that was emotionally exactly what I needed. How did he know? By taking time to get to know me as a person in the weeks leading up to that critical moment.

    This is why I am so grateful for Dr. Cabbad and the entire OB/GYN Department. And it’s why I still return here for obstetrical care even though I work in Manhattan and could go to any number of recommended city doctors. I know that I could never find better than my doctor and his team. 

    by Maxine Williams