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Leroy Charles, Vice President, External Affairs, welcomes Haleema, and her parents, Thierno and Lamarana Barry
  • Hospital News

    New Years Baby!

    January 9, 2017

    On January 1, 2017, at 10:30 AM, Haleema was born to Thierno and Lamarana Barry.  Haleema was the first baby Girl born in the Brooklyn Hospital Center(TBHC) this New Year. Approximately thirty six minutes later, at 11:06 am, Jaiden was born to Shelcy Covil and Junior Elinor.  Jaiden was the first baby boy born in The Brooklyn Hospital Center this New Year.

    Heleema and Jaiden will be the first of more than 2000 babies born in The Brooklyn Hospital Center in 2017.  

    Having a baby is one of life’s biggest occasions. That’s why we do everything we can to make it an enjoyable and memorable experience for all parents to have their babies at TBHC.

    Once you start your journey and your labor begins, when you come to TBHC, you will begin in the triage area, a space that simulates an Emergency Room Department. Within the 10 bed unit, there is a mix of laboring rooms and special operating rooms for Cesarean sections.

    There will be an attending physician as well as a resident who will deliver the baby and monitor your health during and after labor; and a mid-wife on staff who assists the attending physician with all of your needs during labor.  Staff nurses will assist in all aspects of your care to include physical and emotional support; a technician/medical assistant who uses special skills to provide I.V. (blood drawing/collection, etc.), ultrasound imaging, operating room and other support and all other medical support to keep your health and your baby’s health monitored and secure. 

    Once Delivery takes place, our moms and babies are then transferred to the Mother/Baby unit and placed in a private or semi-private room where they stay together until discharge.  This allows for better bonding, more opportunities for breastfeeding on demand and more family interaction with the newborn.  

    TBHC has seen great improvement in patient satisfaction from the new initiatives and we look forward to enhancing these features in the New Year.  We also look forward to adding a fully equipped lactation room to provide a soothing comfortable environment and a place to help new moms practice and perfect breastfeeding.  

    In September of 2016, TBHC implemented a special room service menu where Moms may order from a large selection of meals as well as breakfast at any time of day. The moms have enjoyed that pleasure.

    The labor, delivery and recovery teams look forward to serving you and making this the most memorable and joyful occasion in your life.