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Keeping Brooklyn  Healthy
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    TBHC Announces 2016-2018 Comprehensive Community Service Plan

    January 27, 2017

    TBHC has been Keeping Brooklyn Healthy for 170 Years and Counting. This committment embodies a steadfast dedication to being the provider of stellar, local health care services to all residents. We are proud to continue this promise forward with the announcement of our 2016-2018 Comprehensive Community Service Plan (CSP), which will serve the healthcare needs of nearly one million Brooklynites. Local access to quality healthcare is a critical factor to improving health outcomes and achieving population health. The updated CSP builds upon its previous 2013 goals: increasing access to preventative, high-quality care, and the promotion of self-management in both the clinical and community settings.

    The following Prevention Agenda priorities have been selected and are aimed at addressing healthcare disparities within our community:

    1. Chronic Disease (with a focus on High Blood Pressure)

    2. HIV/STDs, Vaccine-Preventable Diseases and Healthcare-Associated Infections

    3. Life Expectancy & Social Determinants of Health

    TBHC will advance these goals and objectives by designing, developing and implementing interventions over the next three years. Please read the full plan to learn about TBHC’s comprehensive strategy to Keep Brooklyn Healthy!