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Pierre Dejean
  • Hospital News

    TBHC Emergency Room Saved My LIfe

    July 21, 2014

    Pierre Dejean arrived at The Brooklyn Hospital Center early one August morning without the mixture of hope and anxiety that often accompany a trip to a medical facility. A financial services consultant, he came only to discuss a routine business matter with the Hospital Center's senior staff.

    But it wasn't far into the meeting when Pierre started feeling sweaty and queasy. "I wasn't in pain so I initially ignored the symptoms," Pierre explained. "But Dr. Richard B. Becker, MD, TBHC's president and CEO could see something was seriously wrong. He asked me to loosen my tie and open my shirt and then called for a wheelchair, which actually came before I finished unbuttoning my shirt."

    An exercise buff who just a week earlier had been riding along the wooded bike trails of Cape Cod, Pierre never thought he would transition from consultant to patient right there in the TBHC boardroom. His blood pressure and cholesterol levels had always been normal and he had no significant family history of heart disease.

    Dr. Becker accompanied Pierre to the TBHC Adult Emergency Department where an EKG and other tests were performed. The results showed a blood clot in a critical artery leading to Pierre's heart; a condition that could not have been prevented by good diet and exercise.

    "I'm so thankful for the care I received at The Brooklyn Hospital Center," said Pierre, offering the test results from a follow-up exam as evidence of the speed and professionalism with which he was treated. "An ECG two months later couldn't detect any permanent damage to my heart. From a medical standpoint it was as if nothing had ever happened," Pierre said, adding that he often wonders what would have happened had his heart attack occurred while he was still biking on the trails of Cape Cod.

    "I'm lucky to have been in the right place at the right time, and I think it's great the residents of downtown Brooklyn have the ‘right place' if and when their moment of urgent need comes along."