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TBHC Has New COVID Vaccine
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    TBHC Has New COVID Vaccine

    September 25, 2023

    The FDA and CDC have approved the 2023-2024 version of the COVID-19 vaccine. Here are a few key points to know:

    • Everyone 6 months and up is eligible for this shot, regardless of their previous vaccination history.
    • This is NOT being called a booster. It is now considered the 2023-2024 vaccine, similar to how we refer to the seasonal flu vaccines.
    • For those 5 years and up, the vaccine is a single dose, whether the child has gotten COVID vaccines in the past or not. 
    • For children 6 months through 4 years, it is a three-dose series. Previous shots count towards the three-dose count.
    • Those 65 years and up will be eligible for an additional “booster” of the vaccine FOUR months after receiving the 2023-2024 vaccine.
    • Those deemed moderately to severely immunocompromised by their provider may also be eligible for a “booster” of the 2023-2024 vaccine TWO months after receiving the 2023-2024 vaccine (patients on chemotherapy or other immunosuppressive medications, HIV patients with significant viral loads).
    • This COVID shot can be given along with flu and RSV vaccines. Keep in mind that the best protection is likely to last about 4 months with the COVID vaccine and about 6 months with the influenza vaccine. Flu season has been starting and ending later than in past years (December to June). Thus, timing the autumn vaccines together may make sense in November for the best defense against the flu, but one may want to get their 2023-2024 COVID vaccine sooner. If patients are hesitant, or unlikely to come back for a second vaccine, it may make sense to include the flu vaccine at the same time. RSV vaccines will be available soon for those over 60 years of age.
    • All insurance plans cover the vaccine and administration charge without a copay.

    TBHC’s Vaccine Center has the new COVID-19 vaccine in stock for all ages. Appointments can be scheduled at