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ICU Morning Huddle at TBHC
James Gasperino, MD, Chair of Medicine, Associate Chief Medical Officer and Vice President for Critical Care at The Brooklyn Hospital Center, far left, conducts Morning Report on the ICU with his multidisciplinary team.
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    At TBHC, the Most Experienced Staff Takes Care of Sickest Patients

    February 12, 2018

    Every morning in TBHC’s Intensive Care Unit James Gasperino, MD, Chair of Medicine, Associate Chief Medical Officer, and Vice President for Critical Care, convenes Morning Report (Dr. Gasperino is shown here in such a Report, at far left in glasses). Here, the hospital’s most experienced intensive care physicians gather with every staff member who plays a role in managing ICU patients — nurses, residents and ancillary services. “It’s the largest inter-professional team in the hospital. We work together to capitalize on everyone’s individual strengths so a team of experts becomes an expert team,” says Dr. Gasperino. “This creates a structure that results in great processes and the implementation of evidence-based care leading to great outcomes.”

    Under Dr. Gasperino’s leadership, TBHC has created a Center for Critical Care Services, the first of its kind in Brooklyn. The center will provide the quality patient care, education and research infrastructure for critical care services. Dr. Gasperino is its founding director. “Now, our most experienced staff focus their efforts on our sickest patients,” he says. “We instituted a robust measure to track quality improvement, do so more frequently and look for opportunities for additional improvements. People are walking out of our hospital today that probably wouldn’t have walked out of other hospitals. I am very proud of the team.”

    The benefit goes beyond the ICU. The center is also home to the Critical Care Outreach Service. “When a patient is in crisis anywhere in the hospital, a rescue squad can show up to help led by the most experienced, expert attending physician available,” Dr. Gasperino says.

    The concept of a Center for Critical Care Services is evolving as the best model. “The real benefit of the model is value,” says Dr. Gasperino. “The patients who need care most, receive the most expert care available. We are delivering the highest-quality care in the most efficient fashion. It reduces redundancies, improves safety and improves our processes.”