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Care for Children (Pediatrics)

The Brooklyn Hospital Center PediatricsThe Brooklyn Hospital Center offers the finest pediatric care available anywhere in the New York metropolitan area. Our medical staff is highly qualified, compassionate and committed to providing culturally sensitive care to the children and parents of our diverse neighborhoods.

In every sense of the word, we care for Brooklyn’s kids. Whether your child needs a check-up or vaccination, pediatric-focused emergency care or 24-hour intensive inpatient hospital care, we stand ready to serve you.

  • fully staffed pediatrics Emergency Department

  • cutting edge Neonatal Intensive Care and Pediatric Intensive Care Units

  • dedicated pediatric specialists and inpatient hospitalist physicians

  • convenient, courteous and culturally sensitive care

Pediatric Specializations

  • Adolescent Medicine   718.250.6968
  • Cardiology    718.250.6961
  • Child Life Program    718.250.8514
  • Children's Health Center    718.250.8671
  • Critical Care Medicine/Hospitalists    718.250.8515
  • Dermatology    718.250.6767
  • Emergency Medicine    718.250.6209
  • Endocrinology    718.250.8017
  • Gastroenterology   718.250.6277
  • Infectious Diseases    718.250.6277
  • Neonatology    718.250.8525
  • Neurology    718.250.8450
  • Pediatric Genetics    718.250.6911
  • Pediatric Hematology/Oncology    718.250.6074
  • Pediatric Sedation    718.250.8525
  • Pediatric Surgery (appointments)    718.250.8677