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Amy Bennett, Patient

TBHC – You Just Never Know When You'll Need It

Amy Bennett
Local business owner, mother, TBHC obstetrics patient

As a business owner, there are few things that matter more to me than my community. When I first became pregnant, after moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn, I was unsure of where I would feel comfortable having my baby. There are many hospitals in Brooklyn, and it was a challenge to feel confident when making such an important choice for myself and my growing family.

All of my uncertainty evaporated when I met Dr. Angela Kerr and her warm, competent OB/GYN staff.

Little did any of us predict our son would decide to be born at the height of a record-breaking blizzard that dumped 15 inches on our Fort Greene neighborhood. Parking on a snowdrift near the hospital, my husband rushed me inside where Dr. Kerr and her team were waiting to deliver a very ready-to-be-born baby. If she had not been there to grab him, he would have been born on the floor!

Our next child was born at TBHC three years later and in the meantime, there have been the usual visits to Emergency for allergic reactions and other medical issues. TBHC — you just never know when you will need it. Knowing it is five minutes away has given our family great peace of mind.

Amy Bennett is a local entrepreneur, owner of The Greene Grape grocery and wine stores, and Scoops ice cream shop.