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Internal Medicine

Ahmar Butt, MD
Ahmar Butt
Director of Medical Affairs, BHMA, Vice Chair of Internal Medicine
Contact: (718) 857-0404
Keith D. Cummings, MD
Keith Cummings
Contact: 718-250-8606
Akiyomi O. Fields, MD
Akiyomi O. Fields
Contact: (718) 250-8606
Jean Frederic, PA
Jean Frederic
Physician Assistant
James Gasperino, MD, PhD, MPH, DABT
James Gasperino
Chair, Department of Medicine; Vice President for Critical Care, Perioperative, and Hospital Medicine; Associate Chief Medical Officer
Contact: 718-250-6926
Robert Levey, MD
Robert Levey
Contact: 718-250-8606
Mahyar Mahmoudi, MD
Mahyar Mahmoudi
Contact: (718) 250-8606
Marcia Nelson, DO
Marcia Nelson
Chief of Geriatrics
Contact: 718-250-6795
Olumide Osoba, MD
Olumide Osoba
General Practitioner
Contact: (718) 250-8830
Ma Sandar, MD
Ma Sandar
Family Medicine Physician
Contact: 718-826-4824
William Vanderwall, PA
William Vanderwall
Physician Assistant
Linus Yoe, MD
Linus Yoe
Associate Program Director
Contact: (718) 250-6120