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General Surgery

Armand Asarian, MD
Armand Asarian
Division Chief, Colon and Rectal Surgery
Contact: (718) 250-6920 or (718) 250-6088
Ritha M. Belizaire, MD
Ritha M. Belizaire
General Surgeon and Minimally Invasive Colon and Rectal Surgeon
Contact: 718-250-6920
Steven Burger, MD
Steven Burger
Director of the General Surgery Residency Program
Contact: 718-250-6920
Alberto Cayton, MD
Alberto Cayton
Contact: 718-250-6920
Genato Romulo, MD
Romulo Genato
Contact: 718-250-8970
Melanie H. Howell, MD
Melanie H. Howell
Bariatric and Minimally Invasive Surgeon
Contact: 718-250-8920
Luca Milone, MD
Luca Milone
General Surgeon
Contact: 718-250-6751
Pratibha Vemulapalli, MD
Pratibha Vemulapalli
Chair, Department of Surgery
Contact: 718-250-6751