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Jacob Warman, MD
Jacob Warman
Chief, Endocrinology
Contact: 718-250-6100
Manjula Chatterjee, MD
Manjula Chatterjee
Attending, Pediatrics; Pediatric Endocrinologist
Contact: 718-250-6600
Fatoumata Diallo
Nurse Practitioner, Endocrinology
Contact: 718-250-6100
Saka Kazeem
Saka Kazeem
Chief, Endocrinology; Chief Integration Officer
Contact: 718-250-6100
Irene Lou, MD
Irene Lou
Attending, Endocrine, Head and Neck, and General Surgery
Contact: 718-250-8811
Pushplata Siroya, MD
Pushplata Siroya
Attending, Endocrinology
Contact: 833-TBHC-NOW (833-824-2669)