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Physician Directory by "a"

Name Physician Title Specialty Phone Number Physician Photo
Joseph Abboud Cardiologist Cardiology (718) 250-8265 Joseph Abboud
Sherly Abraham Chair, Family Medicine Family Medicine (718) 250-8621 Sherly Abraham, MD
Adebayo Adeyinka Pediatric Intensivist Pediatric Critical Care, Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) (718) 250-6486 Adebayo Adeyinka, MD
Kanya Ahuja Pediatric Intensivist Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) (718)-250-6299
Subhi Al'Aref Cardiologist Cardiology (718) 250-8265
Nada Al-Hashimi Family Medicine Physician Family Medicine 719-250-8621
Faiz Al-Zoobaee Pediatrician Pediatrics (718) 250-6915
Mohammed Aladdin Director Interventional Radiologist Interventional Radiology (718) 250-6056 Mohammed Aladdin, MD
Ali Allawi Radiologist Radiology 718-250-8240
Manoucher Amini Pediatric Surgeon Pediatric Surgery (718) 250-6920
Vivian Annan Family Nurse Practitioner Family Medicine (718) 250-8444
Grace Appert Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Pediatrics Grace Appert, MSN, RN, CPNP
Farhad Arjomand Pulmonologist and Intensivist Pulmonary Medicine, Critical Care 718-250-8000 Farhad Arjomand, MD
Farhad Arjomand Associate Chief, Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine Pulmonary Medicine, Critical Care (718) 250-6950 Farhad Arjomand, MD
Armand Asarian Division Chief, Colon and Rectal Surgery General Surgery (718) 250-6920 or (718) 250-6088 Armand Asarian, MD
Cesar Ayala-Rodriguez Cardiologist Cardiology (718) 250-8265 Cesar E Ayala-Rodriguez