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Physician Directory by "k"

Saka Kazeem
Saka Kazeem
Chief, Endocrinology; Chief Integration Officer
Specialty: Endocrinology, Internal Medicine
Contact: 718-250-6100
Victoria Khalef, MD
Victoria Khalef
Director, Body Imaging, Radiology
Specialty: Radiology
Contact: 718-250-8230
Sangeet Khanna, MD
Sangeet Khanna
Specialty: Neurology, Psychiatry
Contact: 718-250-6100
Kevin Khodabakhsh, MD
Kevin Khodabakhsh
Attending, Pediatrics; Pediatric Neurologist
Specialty: Pediatrics, Neurology
Contact: 718-250-6600
Allyssa Knowles, DPM
Allyssa Knowles
Attending Podiatry; Assistant Director, Podiatric Medicine & Surgery Residency Program
Specialty: Podiatry, Surgery, Wound Care
Contact: 718-250-8810
Yevgeny Komm, NP
Yevgeny Komm
Nurse Practitioner, Urology
Specialty: Urology
Contact: 718-250-6880; 718-250-8843
Noah Kondamudi, MD
Noah Kondamudi
Chair, Pediatrics; Medical Director, Pediatric Emergency Medicine
Specialty: Pediatrics, Emergency Medicine
Contact: 718-250-6299
Vipul Kothari, MD, Children's Health Center
Vipul Kothari
Medical Director, Children's Health Center, Pediatrics
Specialty: Pediatrics
Contact: 718-250-8671
Lewis Krata, MD
Lewis Krata
Pediatric Rheumatologist; Co-Director, Pediatric Inpatient Services; Director, Pediatric Residency
Specialty: Pediatrics, Rheumatology
Contact: 718-250-6600
Alexa Kreisberg, MS
Alexa Kreisberg
Director, Child Life, Pediatrics
Specialty: Pediatrics
Contact: 718-250-8514
Dr Steven Kushnick
Steven Kushnick
Attending, Otolaryngology (ENT) and Head and Neck Surgery
Specialty: Surgery, Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery
Contact: 718-250-8520